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How To Remove Wallpaper?

  July 11, 2016

There are many ways that you can go about removing the wallpaper without damaging the wall, like steaming or spraying the wall with chemicals. Sometimes, the wallpaper can be stripped dry, but it all depends on how the wallpaper was installed. If the wall did not have primer before the wallpaper was put up, it… Read More

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5 Recent Paint Colors/Schemes That Are Trending

  July 6, 2016

Calming and serene whether inside or outside, these colors speak of peaceful days with a summer breeze gently caressing your face. According to “This Old House” icon Bob Vila, if you are putting you house up for sale, and this could be the summer in which to make that move, you’ll want to keep the… Read More

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Why Should I Hire An Arizona House Painter?

  July 1, 2016

Many believe that painting can be an easy project, but with all the advantages of hiring a professional for the job, you will see quality work regardless of the project size. Here are a few advantages to hiring a Arizona Professional Painter at the Arizona Painting Company. #1 – Quality Results Anyone can go pick… Read More

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Tips For Choosing Nursery Colors

  June 29, 2016

Before even starting to choose the color of the nursery, look at the room and see how it benefits from natural light or if it needs to be brightened up. Dark colors can make a room feel smaller, while light colors will make a room feel brighter and larger. When designing a nursery, there are… Read More

How to Choose the Right Paint Color

  June 27, 2016

You may have imagined a certain bright color in your family room or the exterior of your house and gave it a go. When first applying the new paint to your walls, you feel great about your choice. After a few days and once the paint has dried, you realize that the paint is too… Read More

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How To Paint Stripes On A Wall

  June 24, 2016

To give a blank wall some personality, add some stripes for a great decorative touch. Horizontal stripes can make a room appear more spacious and vertical stripes will make the ceiling appear higher. Here is a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Paint Stripes on a Wall in your home! Step 1: Preparing for Paint By… Read More

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Arizona Painting Company on Sonoran Living

  April 22, 2016

The Arizona Painting Company is proud to have been featured on this mornings edition of ABC’s Sonoran Living with host Terri O. Our own Doug Caris made his television debut talking about Arizona Painting Company’s history, Paint Evaluation Tool, 10-year Warranty, and the latest in popular colors. The Arizona Painting Company visited Sonoran Living to… Read More

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Phoenix House Painting Project

  February 16, 2016

This home was a color match of the previous color but they were so faded that it looked completely different when it was done! The color selections were as follows: Body and Garage Door: Frazee “Rockbridge 8703” Upper Trim/Shutters: Frazee “Badlands 8856” Popouts: Frazee “Muddy River 8674”   This painting project took approximately 3 days… Read More

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When to Paint

  February 11, 2016

Maintaining any home can be an arduous task, there are many moving parts that need to be working on a daily basis such as plumbing, appliances, heating, air conditioning and roofing. When one of these items fails, we all know it and must take immediate action. When your A/C goes out, you start sweating and… Read More