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How To Paint Stripes On A Wall

To give a blank wall some personality, add some stripes for a great decorative touch. Horizontal stripes can make a room appear more spacious and vertical stripes will make the ceiling appear higher.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Paint Stripes on a Wall in your home!

Step 1: Preparing for Paint

By now you have chosen both colors for the base of the wall and for the stripes. The first paint you will use is the base coat. In this case, one of the stripes will be the base coat or the lighter color. Take the base coat and paint the entire wall. Let it dry for at least 24 to 48 hours before applying the second color. As Arizona painters, it may take less time to dry if painting during the hot summer months.

Step 2: Choose Vertical or Horizontal Stripes

After choosing vertical or horizontal stripes, you need to measure and tape correctly. If this isn’t done right the first time, all the stripes will be off and unfortunately, you will have to start over. For example, your wall is 96” from base to ceiling and there are 7 horizontal stripes needed across the wall in alternating colors. Take 93 and divide it by 7 to get 13.28. To make up for the extra 0.28” on each stripe, make the first stripe at the base or floor, two inches higher (15”) and keeping the other 6 stripes at 13”.

Step 3: Measure and Mark Stripes

Once the base coat is completely dry, it is now time to tape the walls for the stripes. It is important that you start on the corner that is least seen when measuring the wall. Stripes should be between 4” and 15” wide. A width less than 4” will make the wall too narrow and be too busy with stripes. Stripes more than 15” can be too wide and too heavy for the wall and room. Start by placing the first strip of tape on the obscure corner where you began measuring. Make sure that you invest in quality masking or painters tape so the paint won’t soak through.  We usually use the 1 1/2″ Scotch Blue Tape or the Green Frogtape.

Step 4: Before the Final Coat

Once every stripe is measured and has tape outlining each section, make sure the tape is completely down and has no openings. You do not want paint to seep through the tape. PRO TIP:  When you have the tape down run a very small bead of clear caulking down the edges of the tape and wipe with a damp cloth.  This will ensure all voids are filled and no paint will seep through.  Mark the areas you want to paint with the second color with hash or reminder marks made out of tape. Make the mark visible and try not to use a pencil for the markings.

Step 5: Final Coat

Take your second color and apply it to the entire wall, or in the sections with the hash marks. One coat should do just fine unless its a significant color change then allow it 4 hours dry time and apply a second coat. After the wall has been painted, remove the tape by angling away from the freshly painted area.

Tips: Few Tips

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