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Tips For Choosing Nursery Colors

Before even starting to choose the color of the nursery, look at the room and see how it benefits from natural light or if it needs to be brightened up. Dark colors can make a room feel smaller, while light colors will make a room feel brighter and larger. When designing a nursery, there are a lot of decisions on the color scheme of the room. You can stick with the traditional pink and blue or go out of the box and try other colors and patterns to really create the perfectly unique environment for your new addition.

If you are stuck between a neutral color like white and a second color like blue, separate the top section of the wall with the neutral color. Consider adding an accent wall with geometric wallpaper that will balance out the colors.

Non-Gender Specific

When creating a nursey that is non-gender specific, work with neutral colors for the walls and add color with the carpet, bed sheets and other accessories. This way as your baby grows up, they can stay with the color of room. When choosing a shade of yellow for the walls, look for one that is not too bright for the room. Yellow works great for both a boy or girl’s nursey.

Accent Wall

With smaller rooms, adding a fun accent color or pattern can help add depth to the room. Accent walls can go along with the theme of the room. If the overall theme is safari, add wallpaper, or even a mural of animals, and incorporate those colors from the wallpaper into the sheets, blankets, and stuffed animals.


If you want to have a color that will last, use colors like navy or mint green. This allows not only a non-gender specific room, but it also allows the color to be a mainstay for the baby through years to come. Avoid using colors like pink and blue that are associated with “boys” and “girls.” This way if your girl grows up with a pink room that she later on dislikes, it won’t force you to re-paint.

Soothing Colors

Choosing a color scheme for a nursey can be overwhelming. Color psychology can affect the baby’s overall mood and improve their sleeping habits. Bold shades of red, orange, and yellow are tied with having an energizing effect on the body, allowing shorter hours of sleep. These bold shades should only be used in a few areas and with certain accessories instead of painting the entire room with it. Cool colors allow the baby’s room to feel more spacious and relaxing, while pairing neutral colors with cool colors can create more of an inviting feeling to the room.

Fabric First

It is much easier to choose colors from a rug or sheets rather than the other way around. Once you have settled on a color palette from the accessories and sheets, you can now start planning the colors you want to use on the walls, or add that accent wall in.

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