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Meet Victor! As a foreman for the Arizona Painting Company, he says he has found his dream job at Arizona Painting Company. Read on to learn more about Victor and the work he does for Arizona Paint.   What is your professional background? “I am a foreman for the company – a professional painter- and… Read More

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Nick Ballejos started working with the Arizona Painting Company in 2013 after he saw an ad on Craigslist. At the time, the economy wasn’t the best, but Nick didn’t feel like he had endured the effects of the recession because he stayed consistently busy. He had previous experience painting, and yet it wasn’t until working… Read More

Solar Panel

In scorching Arizona, solar panels are a reasonable option for efficient and responsible power. However, the panels can acquire dust and debris over time, even if you can’t see it. Consider factors such as how much rainfall your area receives if there are tall trees surrounding the panels, how high the pollen count is, and… Read More


There are many reasons to repaint your home, and paint is a cost-effective and simple way to refresh your home and increase the value too. Repainting should be done in most interior cases between every 7 to 10 years, but factors such as the impact of high traffic in an area, or the factor of… Read More


  There are many things to consider before painting your home, and the sheen is a small and overlooked detail that can transform the finished product in your home. The gloss and sheen of the paint finish is the measure of how much light is reflected off a painted surface. That is why the visual… Read More