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5 Recent Paint Colors/Schemes That Are Trending

Calming and serene whether inside or outside, these colors speak of peaceful days with a summer breeze gently caressing your face. According to “This Old House” icon Bob Vila, if you are putting you house up for sale, and this could be the summer in which to make that move, you’ll want to keep the color neutral and welcoming. This advice fits right in with the most popular colors of the year.

What if you don’t want to sell your home? Perhaps you just want to give it a facelift, one which you and your family will enjoy for a while to come. The trending color palettes for this year are suitable for selling or keeping your home. The good news is that these soft colors aren’t going anywhere. They will still be in the paint buckets of housepainters in 2017. What are these comforting color trends you ask? Take a look:

White or Off White

You can’t get more neutral than white or off-white. Benjamin Moore chose Simply White for the color of the year for 2016. For exterior house paint whites or off-whites are a perfect choice when you need to do something and you are not sure which way you really want to go. If your abode is in need of serious makeover work and you are having some challenges committing, consider a shade of white as a great place holder. Whites also work excellent when it comes to selling your home. New owners may not care for a richly colored home no matter how much you love the hue. The possibilities open up tremendously for new owners when they have a blank slate to work with.

Blues or Blue Grays

Think coastal with the ocean kissing the shoreline. But if that’s too dramatic for you, think of the more serene blue closer in tone to Serenity Blue, one of Pantone’s Colors of the year for 2016. Blue tones always speak of a quieter, calmer existence and while a deep blue/gray tone may be too dramatic for your tastes, a lighter blue may be just what you need. On the other hand don’t completely reject the richness of a deep slate blue/gray. Paired with a neutral white, the effect can be truly stunning, especially if the house happens to be Victorian.

Taupe or Beige

These delicate brown hues, reminiscent of coffee with cream, are part of Pantone’s 2016 color palette. Trimmed out with either a neutral white or rich mahogany, this house paint color can make any home look elegant. Consider Sherwin Williams’ Renwick Rose Beige – nearly a mocha tone with just a hint of red to warm it up nicely. Part of Sherwin Williams’ American Heritage Palette, it enhances homes built in vintage years.


How about a happy sun-kissed home as sweet as a buttercup? Pale yellow or a toned down brighter yellow glows with joy no matter what the setting. Imagine the bright spot peeking out from a grove of elms or evergreens. Even in an open area with a bright green lawn and a dainty flower garden, a house painted a cheerful yellow is bound to bring a smile to your face and who knows? It may even bring a buyer to your door!


Don’t think stormy weather or rainy days. Think traditional suburban cul-de-sacs; kids playing in the yard while Dad’s at the grill. Mom greets the neighbors as they gather for a good old fashioned cook-out. Does gray sound interesting now? Thousands of people were inquiring about Benjamin Moore’s Coply Gray trimmed with the company’s Elephant Tusk. These colors were used on a renovation completed and posted on by Ron Sonnek, President of Sicora Design/Build in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. He probably wasn’t expecting such an overwhelming response to such a neutral color. It’s also a color to consider when putting your home up for sale.

Happy, subtle, or dramatic, the color choices of 2016 have staying power so don’t be afraid to consult with your house painter and find out the popular palettes in your region. Choosing the right color will increase your homes curb appeal whether or not you are putting it on the market. Giving your home a new coat of paint may just be the boost you need in your life to help you feel rejuvenated. Coming home and seeing your house with a new color and new trim may improve you outlook on things in general. You would be surprised at what a difference color can make, even when it’s simply a newly painted house.

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