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Dos and Don’ts and Choosing the Right Color for Your Front Door




Choosing a color tone

Yellows: For a cheerful and bright color for your cottage or home, choosing a yellow can help brighten the exterior paint color. Yellow tones pair well with blue, gray and yellow exterior trim or house color.

Reds: A deep or bright red match perfectly with many exterior house colors and can give a historic feel to any home. Different tones of red on the front door can help make a statement while still keeping a classic look.

Greens: Certain green tones can hide your house in the landscaping. Choose a more vibrant green that well help separate your landscape and your home. Choose tones such as olive or mint to help your door stand out amount the rest.

Blues: Vibrant blues and turquoise are great colors for a natural exterior feeling that will have your front door as the focal point of the house. Both of these colors help bring out the gray and brown tones in brick and stone on houses and fences.

Blacks: For a classic front door, a glassy black color will help tie in together the entire house. Black glossy doors pair perfectly with a yellow, white or green exterior paint on the house.

Remember to always choose a color that will help compliment your home and has a welcoming feeling. When putting your house on the market for sale, make sure you stick to a front door color that everyone will love and admire. Curb appeal is most important when choosing the right color for your home and neighborhood. Stray away from choosing a color that clashes or matches with the trim, siding, or shutters.

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