You may have imagined a certain bright color in your family room or the exterior of your house and gave it a go. When first applying the new paint to your walls, you feel great about your choice. After a few days and once the paint has dried, you realize that the paint is too bright or the wrong color for your space. So, now what?!

Do’s of Choosing a Paint Color

  • When choosing a color for the interior or exterior of your home, you want to consider all colors. If your house has bricks incorporated into it, try integrating the specks of colors from the brick itself. Brick can often times have small amounts of white or gray specks of colors in it.
  • With the exterior of your home, you want to draw attention to your window trim, front door, or any architectural details of the house with a contrasting accent color.
  • Start by purchasing sample jars of different shades you are wanting to go with. Apply the paint to different areas of the wall and let it dry. With the paint on different areas of the wall, you will be able to see how the colors will look in different light. Arizona painters often choose neutral colors throughout the house to keep the house cool during summer months.
  • Maybe your room is now too bright. Again the best way would be to purchase sample colors of the color and see how the color works at all times of the day. In the evening, if the color still seems too bright, you may want to consider trying a new color.


Don’ts of Choosing a Paint Color

  • Avoid painting with colors that are too dark for the space. You will notice if the color is too dark if you find yourself turning on more lights in the room. A paint color that is too dark can also make the room feel smaller.
  • If you have already painted all walls in a room with a dark color, consider keeping the dark color on one wall as an accent wall and repainting the other walls with a lighter shade of the same color.
  • Be careful when choosing an exterior color that is too dark, you do not want to draw too much attention to elements of the house like gutters or air conditioning units.

Choosing interior and exterior paint colors is challenging. When you choose Arizona Painting Company, we send a paint expert to your residence or business and help you confidently make the right color choice. Contact us today for a free quote and paint consultation.