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How To Remove Wallpaper?

There are many ways that you can go about removing the wallpaper without damaging the wall, like steaming or spraying the wall with chemicals. Sometimes, the wallpaper can be stripped dry, but it all depends on how the wallpaper was installed. If the wall did not have primer before the wallpaper was put up, it can cause some damage to the wall when taking down. Steamers work well for removing wallpaper, however, you run the risk of burning your hands and it could take twice as long to remove.

6 Simple Steps to Removing Wallpaper

What You Need:

Step 1: Take down pictures, other décor, and move any furniture away from the area.
Step 2: Place towels or drop cloth along the baseboard to catch all the scraps of wallpaper.
Step 3: Take the putty knife to one corner of the wall. If the wallpaper pulls away easily, you have strippable wallpaper and this makes everything easier. Hold the bottom edge with your hands and strip off the entire wall. Use a razor scraper for any rough or stubborn patches.
Step 4: If the wallpaper does not come off easily, mix the liquid stripper concentrate or dish detergent with hot water. Then add to the spray bottle to be sprayed across the area. You may need to add the solution to the wall several times before removing.
Step 5: Next, use your hands or the razor scraper to start scrapping the wall. Gently take the razor scraper to the wall to remove the paper. You do not want to puncture the drywall.
Step 6: After the wallpaper and backing are removed from the wall, spray the wall with the liquid stripper concentrate and hot water one last time to remove any missed spots. Wipe down the wall with a damp sponge and let the wall dry for a few days before painting or adding new wallpaper over it.

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