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Exterior Home Inspiration

Choosing your exterior palette is the first step in planning your project and there are plenty of ideas to draw from all around your home.

Keeping your exterior paintwork fresh significantly improves the curb appeal of your home. Guests will feel more welcome. If you are planning to sell your home, the exterior is the first thing that buyers see. Properties in Arizona face harsh weather all year round, so unless you use the highest quality paint, your exterior paintwork will also need to be refreshed frequently.

Painting by Design

Take note of all the exterior features of your home that are static, such as your roof and brickwork. The simplest exterior palette should include colors that complement the existing architecture of your home. Contrasting colors are a great way to draw the eye towards key exterior structures. If you want to tie all the structures together, it is important to use colors that are close in tone.

Imagine white window frames with the surrounding exterior walls painted in darker tones. It is important to choose your base color first and then opt for complementary colors for your trims and other features that you want to stand out. It is also worth noting that a lighter base color will make your home appear larger, which could sway any potential buyers if you are putting your home up for sale.

Complement Your Surroundings

Just like the key external features of your home, surrounding elements and properties can inspire your color palette. Choosing colors that complement your landscape will make your property stand out in a good way. However, you do not want your home to stand out like a sore thumb. It is important to take note of other properties in the neighborhood and choose your palette accordingly.

Put yourself in the shoes of visitors or potential buyers. When you walk up to your home, is your chosen color palette welcoming and attractive or does it clash with adjacent properties? Sometimes compromising on the color scheme that you want is the best choice. You can still opt for similar colors that are toned down so your property blends in with other properties in the neighborhood.

Test Your Palette

It is extremely difficult to visualize how a color palette will look when your project is complete. There is also the issue of light exposure and shade. It is never a good idea to commit to a palette without knowing how the finished product will look at various stages of the day. If you want to avoid painting your home in colors that only work when the light is just right, you can perform a sample test before settling on your palette.

A sample test involves purchasing a quart of your base color and painting small areas around your home. You can then inspect the samples to get an idea of how your exterior will look under various lighting conditions throughout the day. Purchasing a quart of paint is preferable to painting your entire exterior and then having to repaint because the color scheme doesn’t work.

Sheen & Luster

If you want to hide surface imperfections, it is best to use low-luster paint. We recommend a low-luster finish for your siding. Durability is also dependent on the type of gloss you use on your exterior windowsills and any similar features. If you want a paint that is long-lasting and easy to clean, semi-gloss is the best choice. Avoid using high gloss if there are major surface imperfections as they will stand out to the casual observer.

Manufacturers label their paint differently when it comes to luster. If you are unsure about the right paint for your needs, it is always best to ask. The level of sheen from your exterior walls is a personal choice, but it makes sense to take any imperfections into account. You won’t do your home any justice if a high sheen reflects all the tiny defects in its structure.

Online Inspiration

Proud homeowners are not afraid to show off their exterior color schemes. If you look online at sites such as Instagram and the Arizona Painting Company website, you will gain plenty of inspiration. We provide a complete gallery of our work on residential and commercial properties. Feel free to browse our before and after images to help you decide on the right color scheme for your property.

If you would like more advice on exterior color palettes, you are welcome to contact the Arizona Painting Company directly. Our expert team has the knowledge and experience to guide you through your choices.

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