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Southwest Color Palette

When you look at the color schemes created by nature in the Southwest, however, nothing is further from the truth. The American Southwest has always been the jewel of the country’s natural beauty spots.

Few landscapes are more capable of inspiring awe than the Grand Canyon, for instance. Such rich and vibrant colors are found nowhere else on Earth. Now, imagine arranging those colors in a painting palette for your home and you will begin to understand the possibilities.

A Southwestern color palette typically includes coppers, gold, silvers, grays, umber, and ochre. These rich colors will make your home stand out in the surrounding landscape. With a touch of purple, turquoise, or blue, you can take advantage of the Arizona sun and bright summer skies.

The Historic Southwest Palette

The Southwest palette is not a modern innovation in décor. The roots of the color scheme can be traced back to traditional Pueblo homes, which took advantage of the rich colors offered by natural materials. Many of these homes still exist in the Southwest today and have stood for eons.

Pueblo homes were built to last; they can withstand high-magnitude earthquakes. Bricks were made from a material known as adobe, which was an invention of the Spanish. While adobe homes were traditionally built closer to the ground, with higher windows, modern adobes avail of eco-efficient windows to allow more freedom in design.

Adobe style homes provide inspiration for the Southwestern palette. Even if the design of your home is more contemporary, there is no reason why a Southwest palette can’t work for you. This palette is ideal for both residential and rural areas of Arizona.

Southwest Style Homes

If you are considering a Southwest palette it helps to understand the concept of the Southwest style home. As far as overall décor, a Southwest style home normally incorporates rich, earthy colors. Handcrafted furnishings are also a typical feature in Southwest style homes, as are rougher textures.

While it is not a prerequisite for choosing a Southwest palette, homes are usually roofed in clay or terra cotta. The interior of a home is also just as important as the exterior. Cactus green works well with traditional adobe red, set off with natural shades of the desert. Rich oranges and turquoise are another color combination that you will often see in Southwestern homes.

Furniture choices include woven, leather, or natural pine chairs. However for a modern twist, burnished metal is also popular. It is best not to over mix traditional and contemporary when aiming for a Southwest style home. Focus instead on wall and floor coverings, ornaments, and decorations that invoke feelings of desert ambiance.

Terra cotta clay vases are a wonderful addition to any Southwest style home. For feature walls, hand-painted tiles are a common element of the style. Another common practice is installing faux wood beams in ceilings, creating the appearance of old-style, rustic architecture.

Choosing your Personalized Palette

It is generally accepted that a Southwest palette is characterized by the natural colors which are found throughout the region. As such, you have a large number of color combinations to choose from. There is no law that says you must stick to traditional color schemes.

Deviating from tried and tested color schemes is a risk, however. It is important to visualize each area of a room, and whether your chosen colors will go together. The same goes for rooms that lead into one another. If the color scheme in a room clashes with an adjoining room it can end in disaster.

Never purchase gallons of paint when taking on a large painting project, until you know that your palette is going to work. It is better to purchase the smallest containers of your main colors so you can test how your colors look on your walls.

For the exterior, take the time to truly absorb the colors and mood of your surroundings. You will find you can easily draw inspiration from the splendors of nature. We recommend spending time outside at different stages of the day, so you can fully appreciate the rich colors on display throughout a typical Arizona day.

Consult with the experts from Arizona Painting Company. We have an eye for color, so we can help you achieve the Southwest palette you want without compromising your décor. Hues can make all the difference, so even if your chosen palette feels like it just won’t work, our experts have the expertise to tweak it so it will.

Contact Arizona Painting Company for all your Southwest palette ideas. We are here to help you achieve the Southwestern Style that you want, whether traditional or contemporary. Our team of experts are ready to take your call today.

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