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Indoor Paint Trends Through the Decades

Paint trends often reflect the changing culture and social outlook of the times, and our interior walls today look a lot different than they did in the 1960s. While the paint color and designs have shifted and changed many times in the past few decades, one th...
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What Should I Do First, Paint My House or Pick My Furniture?

So you just moved into your new home. Now what? In a classic chicken and egg scenario, what comes first; painting the walls or picking out furniture?   There is no right answer, but there are pros and cons to both sides, based on personal preference, budg...
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The Amount of Paint you Actually Need?

How Much Paint Do You Actually Need? Have you ever found yourself sitting in your freshly painted room surrounded by nearly full paint cans? Overestimating the amount of paint you need can be not only a financial mistake, but also an inconvenience as you scram...
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Choosing the Best Paint for Exterior Walls

Choosing the Best Paint for Exterior Walls Have you noticed the paint of your home needs a touch-up? Maybe you’re wanting to sell or just looking for a little bit of an aesthetic change? Repainting the exterior walls of your home can be just the thing to giv...
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3 Tips for Avoiding Color Sample Mistakes

Most homeowners have gone through the process of painting a room in their homes. They pick the room, search for a nice color sample online, and go to the store, only to be left confused by the many different shades available. Once they finally spot the color s...
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3 Tips for Redecorating Children’s Bedrooms

Even with much of the country beginning to open up slowly, redecorating projects remain popular with homeowners Some opt for repainting the living room. Others choose to remodel the bathroom or give the kitchen a new look. As for us, we decided to gather some ...
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Sustainable Decor and Why Your Home Needs It

As the 21st century lurches on, so does people’s interest in helping out and preserving the planet, including in their decor. The demand for sustainable initiatives and materials increases with every passing year.  While many might think of gardens, cleanup...
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Tips for Styling Home Shelving

The interior styling of a home makes a serious statement on the whole home itself. When decorating a home, many focus on the color of the walls and the type of furniture that will accompany it. Those looking to take it a step further often throw the flooring i...
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leftover paint

Creative Uses for Leftover Paint

Whenever a paint job is finished, there are usually several buckets with a little bit of paint leftover in them. It’s not that the person who got the paint purchased the wrong amount. No, sometimes a bit of leftover paint is just part of the process. However...
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