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When’s the Best Time to Paint Your Home?

Maintaining any home can be an arduous task, there are many moving parts that need to be working on a daily basis such as plumbing, appliances, heating, air conditioning and roofing. When one of these items fails, we all know it and must take immediate action. When your A/C goes out, you start sweating and must get it fixed immediately. When your plumbing fails, you see the leak. When your roofing system goes bad, you get the buckets out to catch the water. There is one item that often gets overlooked, the exterior paint condition. How do you know when the exterior of your home needs fixing?

For many Arizona homeowners the only time we even think about painting the exterior is when we get that letter from our HOA saying its time. At this point it is likely bad enough that you can notice it from the street, or worse down the block! It’s never “too late” to paint but we do recommend inspecting your home yearly and looking for the following problem areas. The longer you wait on fixing them the more expensive it will get as fixing the issues takes more time as your home’s condition deteriorates more and more. Always remember the least expensive paint jobs are the ones with the least prep work.

Here in Phoenix and Tucson most of us live in a stucco or wood siding home and the problems we see in exterior paint conditions are very similar for each style. To know if your home needs to be painted take a walk around and inspect the following 4 areas for problems:


1 chalking paint poor



Peeling soffits



Peeling foundation


Patio or Entry Ceiling

Ceiling cracks


We offer FREE inspections of your home, so if you are unsure if you need a paint job just give us a call and we’ll come inspect for free! If you need a paint job we’ll quote it out, if you don’t, we will tell you to wait… it’s that simple! Schedule a quote today by calling us in Phoenix at (480) 378-7269 or in Tucson at (520) 284-1792.

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