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Ways to Care for Exterior Paint

Arizona weather isn’t cooling down anytime soon, so it is important to consider how vital it is to take care of your exterior paint job. Exterior paint, although made to be just that, exterior, can benefit greatly from regular care and maintenance. It is common with exterior paint jobs to crack and become damaged from weather damage, sun rays, and heat or other various reasons.

Importance of Maintenance

Maintenance is required for any type of job. Naturally with the amount of sun and weather damage can cause tings like chalking or blistering and overall damage your paint job. Without proper maintenance, your paint job can cost you more than you think, not just time for repair but a possibly costly repair.

It’s important to start by looking over your exterior paint job. Look at the cracks and crevices and search for mold and other abnormalities. Also, look into areas where the exterior paint is cracking or becoming damaged and consider avenues for a repair like repainting. Check the bottom planks to ensure that your planks are not absorbing water and resulting in paint and wood rot.

Maintenance should be practiced often with wood planks, as they can result in more damage and risk of rot. Stucco may require less maintenance and care. It’s important to note that your exterior paint should be considered for regular maintenance and at least a once a month look over.

Cleaning the Surface

Power washing can be a great way to rid your exterior paint of abnormalities sand dirt that may eat away and damage your paint job. Be sure to check into how to properly powerwash or, to ensure the best possible cleaning job, let the professionals handle it. For smaller surfaces, you use a soft brush and detergent and up and down motions to softly clean your paint, getting in those nooks and crannies. Before you start be sure to focus on a small area to make sure your cleaning solution will not damage your paint job.

Encountering Mold

When encountering mold be sure to look over the area and see if you can identify the amount of damage. Be careful not to get to close and keep your distance. Consider purchasing paint with special additives to avoid rot and mold. If you need extra care consider hiring a professional to clean off the mold.

Peeling Paint

Peeling paint could be a result of sun damage, high humidity, or even extreme dryness, among other things. Therefore, exterior paint due to various weather changes can be extremely damaging to your paint job. It can be fixed with some scraping and an extra couple of layers of paint. These extra layers of paint better ensure that your job is lasting. It’s important to practice maintenance and start with a clean slate to avoid a job that eventually peels.

Your exterior paint job needs extra love and care to ensure a long-lasting job. At the Arizona Painting Company, you can be sure that we will follow the proper steps to maintain a meticulous job and be sure to reduce the risk of paint damage and keep your house looking fresh and new.


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