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Most Pleasing Colors for Customers

If you’re a business owner, it may be surprising to learn that certain colors can attract and bring in more customers and revenue to your business. The psychology of colors is thought to have something to do with how certain colors resonate and bring up certain feelings. Part of going above and beyond as a business is to ensure that your customers want to stay when they arrive and enjoy their time that they’re there.

Psychology of Color

The psychology of color is a vast and complicated idea. Color can inspire different feelings and even memories that can be based on our culture, experiences, and behavior. It is the effect that color has on each and every one of us. Be mindful that experiences and culture are so different from every individual that colors can translate feelings, but these feelings can be different from one another, it is not an exact science.

Going Bold

This can be a nerve-racking concept. At times you may believe customers want a demure and understand color to insight calm. While important there are other colors on the color wheel that deserve just as much attention. Be aware that bold colors may be tiptoeing on the risk of deterring your customers. If done correctly it can be engaging and exciting for customers

Explore patterns. A great way to incorporate bold colors could be to create a pattern. This can take these bold colors and make them less overwhelming and even bring in a design and aesthetic sense to your business.

If you’re still unsure of what color to choose for your businesses, look into our Arizona Painting Company color consulting tools to ensure that you get the perfect color to build your brand and business.



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