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The Easiest Way to Add Curb Appeal: Front Door Color Ideas

Believe it or not, your front door displays your personality before a person even enters your home. The front door is one of the first things that visitors or passersby notice about a home. Whether the front door is bright and colorful or darker for a more modern feel, the person viewing the front door can get a feel of what the people inside are like. Certain colors spell welcoming and will make visitors feel more at home. We want to give you some tips to let your personality shine through when you are deciding what color to paint your front door.

Go Bold with Red

Red can be overwhelming or provide a beautiful contrast. Try a red with a darker shade if you are worried about the color being overwhelming. A red front door goes beautiful with a white house and provides a nice pop of color that will set your house apart from other houses. A red front door also displays your personality as flashy but stylish.

Pop of Color: Navy Blue

Another color that is a match made in heaven with white is navy blue. Navy blue is a darker shade that isn’t overwhelming, but it will pop against a lighter color. Navy Blue displays your personality as sophisticated and modern. There is no trace of childishness with navy blue.

Cheery Yellow

This may seem strange but hear us out. Yellow has always been described as a bright and cheery color. If you want your house to be described as friendly and welcoming, what better color is there? Keep in mind that yellow is bad for resale value but if you are planning on decorating to fit your personality and not to sell a house, then yellow can be a great way to show off who you are.

Stick with Neutrals Like Gray

Gray is a neutral color but can add a little more sophistication than just a plain beige color. It goes superb with other neutral colors such as white. It is a way to add extra color to your home without going overboard. Gray is described as a color of sophistication and that is what the color displays about you when you paint your front door gray.

Bright and White

This list would not be complete without adding white to it. White is a neutral color and goes with basically everything. The white works to accent other parts of your house while also being neutral enough to not be overwhelming. If you have railings on your porch, you can paint them white to match the front door as well which can be a nice extra touch to your home.

How Do I Get Started?

We gave you a few tips, but the first step is to pick your style and how you want to go about painting. Arizona Painting Company is here to answer any questions that you might have, help you pick your perfect color with our color consultants and we can make the job of painting your front door easy. If you need your front door painted or have any other painting needs, contact us today to get started!

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