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The Top Design Trends to Try in Your Kitchen

With a few changes to your kitchen, you can start to feel more at home. A little paint can go a long way in your kitchen design. By combining certain colors, you can change the entire feel of a room. So where to start? See the latest design trends to give your kitchen a fresh look!

Using Multiple Shades of the Same Color

Using one color can be boring and can look overwhelming in a room. But if you are a fan of a certain color, you can use different shades of the color in order to spice up your kitchen. Putting a dark shade on the cabinets and a lighter shade on the walls can make the cabinets pop and make the room look brighter. The whole room doesn’t need to be one shade though. A white floor or white accents can help add some balance if you feel that the color scheme is getting too overwhelming.

Make a Natural Look

If you want a more natural look and would prefer your kitchen to look more rustic, an option that you may have never thought of is to get rid of paint altogether. That’s right. Don’t paint your kitchen island. Strip the paint away leaving only the wooden finish. Use that wood to your advantage to create an elegant kitchen with a country feel. You can also add some plants to make the room seem more natural. Be creative and personalize your kitchen to fit your style! Our kitchen uses fake plants above cabinets to make it look like a forest with birdhouses and bird figurines nesting inside.

Use Gray for a Neutral look

If you want a design for your kitchen that isn’t bold and is more on the laid-back side, gray is one of the popular color trends to paint your kitchen island and walls. Gray also goes great with white because both are neutral colors. But a white kitchen on its own can be blinding. Having gray accents to accentuate the white can go a long way to make your kitchen look like it belongs in your home.

Add Elegance to Your Kitchen with a Matte Black

Using black has been an age-old method to spell ‘modern’ in a home. Black can be beautifully accented with many colors such as white, gold, silver, red, or even by metal. Black also looks professional with granite countertops. The only thing to keep in mind when using a black-themed color plan is to make sure that you have a lot of light because of how dark the color is. Keep that in mind and plan accordingly.

Add Some Blue

Blue is a calming color and can give your kitchen a relaxed tone. Blue is a classic color and goes beautifully with white or wooden accents. Wooden furniture also goes well with a blue color trend.

Picking a Color

Now that you have some ideas on what to do for your next kitchen renovation, the choice is yours. If you need help customizing your kitchen to your specifications, let Arizona Painting Company help! Our color consultants can help you pick the best look for your kitchen makeover and take the stress and mess out of painting yourself.

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