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Finding The Right Color Combinations

Be honest, are you comfortable with the way that your living spaces look right now? Or do they scream “Welcome to the 80’s” as soon as someone steps through the front door? If that’s the case, then it’s probably time to do something about that blue, yellow, green, or pink painted across the walls. Even if that’s not the case, you can transform any living space in your home with the simple change of two colors. Take your room from “Ow”, to “Wow”.

Coming to Face with Reality

2020 might be the year in our lives we point to and say “Kids, that year I wasn’t myself.” For all the things 2020 has brought, it did do everyone a favor of sorts. It locked everyone into their homes for so long, that every person on the face of the earth suddenly noticed the things they didn’t like about their living spaces and decided to shake it up. According to Google Trends, the terms “paint” and “remodel” have increased in search volume over 100% compared to the same time frames in previous years. If you think your home is due for a change in look, you’re not alone! However, people often assume that major room transformations require spending major cash. Arizona Painting Company is here to demonstrate that this is not the case, and that drastic changes to rooms can be done without spending on anything more than paint.

Focus on The Difference

The best way to start these inexpensive transformations is by selecting a room in the home that is used often. This might seem obvious, but it’s surprising to see the number of people that start a home project on a room they don’t intend to spend time in and never finish. Picking a room that you spend time in everyday forces your hand to finish that room as quickly as possible. It’s also a space that has probably been worked on already, so not much needs to be bought or moved around. Picking a room to change just for the sake of it might end in buying new furniture, wall décor, and other things that definitely aren’t needed during a pandemic or any other time. Once the room has been chosen, the fun part can begin, picking color combinations.

Paint Combinations

Two colors can completely change the way a room feels, but two colors can’t and shouldn’t be chosen at random. Anyone can do anything they want, they might regret their paint choices later. As written about before here, the choices of color in a space can literally affect the performance of whatever is happening in the room. If the office space needs the transformation, consider soft earthy colors for a space that reduces stress and encourages focus. For a bedroom, soft tones will encourage relaxation and for the mind to calm down. The office should not have the same vibe as the bedroom. Once two appropriate colors have been chosen, get ready to paint!

The Finished Product

Remember, the right color combinations can transform an entire living space. Approaches that work are painting adjacent walls opposite colors, or even painting three walls one color, and then leaving the fourth wall as an accent wall. Don’t get too hung up on the things that the living space doesn’t need, rather focus on how the two colors you have chosen complement the furniture and flooring. Doing this process correctly will allow you to wake up happy to a room that looks amazing. The price? Two gallons of paint. Talk about bang for your buck, right? Easy ideas are a quick search engine away, and if you’re still not sure, ask us!  Leaving it to the professionals ensures that the task gets done right, and provides you with more time for other projects you may have.

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