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Great Home First Impressions

Eye Catching Trends of The Coming Year

First impressions are a big deal, and they happen a lot quicker than we think. It takes about seven seconds for someone to get a strong impression of what the other person is like with people. Trustworthiness is measured in about a tenth of a second. The same idea goes for home first impressions. Have you ever looked at houses on sale just for the sake of looking at them? What are the first impressions received from them? Without even looking inside, there is a good chance an opinion has already been made about the whole home. Here are a couple of trends to add to a home to give it a great first impression.


Dynamic Door Color

Front doors provide one of the most significant first impressions that people receive about a home. After all, it’s literally what people have to walk through to get inside. However, not everyone uses the design of a front door to their advantage. Most people opt for the front door color as it comes when the home is bought, which is usually a shade of brown. Some might come in white, but even then, those colors aren’t too unique. Consider the colors that your home already has and then choose a door color to contrast; those colors can do wonders for your home. An example could be to give a white painted exterior home an off red-colored door. That way, the home keeps the clean look of the white and has an added highlight color that contrasts it nicely. There are countless combinations for the style and color of a home, so get creative and do some research!


Add More Lighting to The Exterior

A home can look great during the daytime but look like something out of a horror movie at night. To make a home look great day and night, you’ll want adequate lighting. Lighting can add an elegant touch to a home and provide help to guests and visitors as well. Great exterior lighting can help spruce up the space at your front door, light up the walkway leading up to your home (helping avoid tripping hazards, and much more.  It’s also great for added security, as more lighting means thieves will be less likely to approach your home for fear of being caught. Today, there are solar lights available that make the installation process a lot easier. However, if you must mess with electrical installation, we recommend leaving that part to a pro.

Add Some Green

This is another thing that may be easier to do than one thinks. Finding a small place to add flowers or pots and plants in your front yard or porch can completely change the exterior perspective of a home. It doesn’t have to be an all-out show of greenery everywhere, but small hints of green here and there. This gives the home a lively and natural look. It also boosts the first impression it receives when people look at it.

A home with a dynamic door color that is well lit and has plant life to compliment it will receive a great home first impression no matter where it may be. If you’re having trouble deciding on what paint color to choose or want other parts of your home painted, call us! We pride ourselves on the quality service and attention to detail that we offer.

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