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PHOENIX (September 29, 2020): It is that time of year again for the Arizona Painting Company to Paint It Forward! We are giving back to the community by donating a $5,000 painting project to a deserving Arizona family. While we read through hundreds of nominations, we’ve selected a fantastic family with an incredible story of love, endurance and strength. With a fresh coat of paint, the Arizona Painting Company hopes to bring a fresh start to this loving family.

Introducing Heidi Murphy

Heidi Murphy is a 62-year old woman living in Phoenix. She takes care of her 88-year-old mother, who has cancer, as well as her daughter who is terminal and has a heart condition. Her home is chipping and peeling on the outside with numerous areas of water damage. Due to her family`s numerous health issues, they are without money or resources to make her home look pretty again. She contacted Arizona Painting Company pleading to make her house feel like the home she and her loved ones remember. Her selfless care of her loved ones made her an ever-deserving candidate for Paint It Forward!


The Project

After hearing her story, Arizona Painting Company knew that Heidi and her family were right for the 2020 Paint It Forward. With excitement and gratitude, Heidi accepted the offer and Arizona Painting Company went to her home, scheduling the exterior painting project for November 7, 2020!


We Thank the Communities We Serve

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve communities throughout Phoenix and Tucson each year. We would not be where we are today without our loyal customers, your kind words, and your willingness to help us continue to give back. With your help, we will continue to give back any way we can to bring hope, positivity, and meaningful change with Paint It Forward.

A special thank you goes to Sherwin Williams for donating the exterior paint as we provide this incredible $5,000 paint job to Heidi and her family.


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