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Exterior Paint for Your Home

However, cutting corners is not an option when it comes to exterior painting. If the job isn’t done right, you may as well leave the walls the way they are. The use of low-quality paint materials and techniques will result in a finish that won’t last and will likely look terrible for as long as it does last.

The type of paint you use for outdoor painting is obviously one of the top considerations. When you think about it, the layer of paint applied to exteriors isn’t very thick. If that is what you are relying on to protect your home from the scorching Phoenix sun, you’d better make sure it is strong enough for the job. Choosing the right type of paint and ensuring it adheres correctly to the surface is the only sure way to complete a successful project.

Successful Exterior Painting

Successful exterior painting can be achieved with one simple trick many painters don’t want you to know! Hire a professional contractor who is licensed and bonded. Anyone can claim to be a professional painter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are qualified or have the relevant experience for your project. At the Arizona Painting Company, we have a proud reputation to maintain. That is why we only hire the most qualified and professional painters in the marketplace to serve our customers.

Exterior Paint Quality

If you are going to paint outside, use exterior paint that is of the highest quality for your budget. You want to use a product that is 100 percent acrylic exterior paint for all your masonry, stucco, wood, metal and vinyl surfaces. You don’t need to ask about quality when you hire the Arizona Painting Company. Quality products are our standard.

Painting Classes

Before you panic, no, we are not suggesting you take painting classes at a considerable expense. Paint is sold according to three distinct classes, which are known as low side production-grade paint, midline good quality paint and premium grade paint. Even with this information on hand, you may not be able to find the paint you want. Some manufacturers have their own systems for identifying the class of paint, so leave it up to the Arizona Painting Company to keep you on the right track.

Southwest Style Paint

There are formulas of paint specifically designed to handle exterior painting in the Southwest. When you are dealing with high temperatures and strong sunlight, getting the right paint formula is essential for a long-lasting finish. The more you have in your budget for paint the better, as premium paints are designed to resist the worst of the Phoenix climate. The Arizona Painting Company can help you decide on solutions that are affordable.

The Better the Quality, the Better the Finish

While we understand every customer has a budget in mind, our painters recommend using the highest quality paint you can afford. You will have a smoother finish that lasts longer, meaning you won’t have to go to the cost of having your exteriors painted as often. Generally speaking, good quality paint should keep masonry and stucco looking fresh for around seven years.

Painting Maintenance

If you maintain your exterior paintwork at least once a year, it should result in a longer-lasting finish. Filling in cracks and gaps and then repainting the repaired surface can prevent paint from peeling. When paint does begin to peel, it eventually lifts off the surface completely. If you use a power washer for your exterior walls, make sure the pressure isn’t so high that it damages the painted surface.

For homes with wood siding, you may need to repaint around every five years in Phoenix. Wood fascia may need maintenance and repainting every year, depending on the weather where you live and other external conditions. Whether you decide to do the job yourself or hire a professional is a tough call, so feel free to reach out to the Arizona Painting Company for professional advice.

The Arizona Painting Company

At the Arizona Painting Company, we understand the challenges our customers face when painting exteriors. From budgeting to completion, our team of painting professionals is trained to provide solutions for Phoenix home and business owners. Whatever your needs, we will complete the job quickly, effectively and at a cost, you can afford.

To learn more, reach out to the Arizona Painting Company for a quote or advice from one of our qualified representatives. We look forward to helping you give your home the makeover it deserves all year round.

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