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Having Your Home Painted In Phoenix

Exterior painting under the hot Arizona sun is especially grueling – and not just on the painter. There is particular expertise required to get the job right and to make sure your new paintwork lasts. Here are some tips for the perfect home painting project in Phoenix.

Exterior Painting Conditions

The first thing to consider when painting the exterior of your Phoenix home is weather-related conditions. How your paint cures is largely determined by the relative heat and humidity, even when you are using exterior paint. A surface that is allowed to dry too rapidly may end up cracking under the pressure.

For best results, the temperature should be between 60 and 85 degrees, when you are painting exteriors in Phoenix. Humidity of lower than 50 percent is also recommended. Keep in mind you will need to account for an additional 20 degrees of heat on the surface that is being painted. Plan your project so you are never painting in direct sunlight.

Unfortunately, the sun is not the only enemy of exterior painting in Phoenix. Check the weather forecast for potential rain; you don’t want to paint too soon after or before rainfall. Give the surface ample time to fully dry after rain and avoid painting if it is likely to rain within the following 48 hours. Lastly, avoid painting when there are high winds forecast, as this significantly increases the amount of dirt splattered against newly painted surfaces.

Quality Materials

If you are thinking about saving money by purchasing cheaper materials, think again. The lifespan of your paintwork is negatively affected if fewer dollars per gallon of paint is your goal – and that’s if the paint takes correctly in the first place. “All weather” paints are best, and quality products will cost you at least $25 per gallon. The same principle applies to paint supplies such as brushes and rollers, which should be heavy-duty and suitable for exterior paintwork.

Before you can paint exteriors, you need to know you can reach every corner of the surface. That means purchasing suitable ladders for the job. When it comes to ladders, always remember safety is paramount. Never overextend when you are using a ladder to paint. Ensure three points of contact are maintained at all times.

Paint Prepping

You will never achieve a perfect finish if you do not prep your surfaces before painting. This is especially true when it comes to painting stucco. Make sure to power wash any surfaces, where it is appropriate to do so. For instance, power-washing siding materials may actually damage the surface, if the water pressure is too high. Check the instructions for your power-washing equipment for safe and effective results.

For surfaces with mildew, you will need to scrub with a nylon brush using a mix of 1/3 cup of detergent and a quart of bleach per gallon of water. If the surface is mildew-free, you can drop the bleach from the mixture. Hairline cracks should be fine if you are using quality paint, but anything you can squeeze a fingernail into should be repaired before you move on to painting.

Painting Your Phoenix Exteriors

You can help to keep paint cool by adding some ice cubes before placing your liner in the bucket. This will stop the paint from thickening in the heat. To avoid painting in direct sunlight, start the project on the south side of the property. You can then work your way around using any available shade for cover.

When dealing with the extreme heat in Phoenix, it is typically best to double recommendations for drying time before adding additional coats. The consequence, if you do not, is the first coat potentially peeling and ruining your hard work. You don’t want to paint too late into the evening, either. Finish up at least two hours before sunset to avoid rapid cooling effects on a painted surface. When painting stucco, always use a roller or spray to paint and never a brush.

Hire a Professional Phoenix Painter

Even with the best-laid plans, it can be hard to achieve the perfect finish when painting your Phoenix home exteriors. Hiring a professional company will take away the stress, sweat and potential tears that may result from braving the Arizona sun yourself. If you need a professional painter you can rely on, the Arizona Painting Company is on deck to help.

We not only understand the challenges of painting in Phoenix, our experienced team of professionals have all the solutions for a dream finish. To get a quote for your project or to find out more about the benefits of hiring the Arizona Painting Company, call and speak to one of our representatives today.

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