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Prolong the Exterior Paint on Your Home

Everything, including your mailbox, landscaping, front door, and exterior décor, contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your home. The most valuable component to your curb appeal, however, is a fresh coat of exterior paint. Not only does your exterior paint show off your personal style and color choices, it protects one of your biggest investments.

5 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Exterior Paint

Chances are that selecting your exterior paint color was no easy task, so you will want to protect it and make it last. Follow these easy steps to keep the exterior of your home looking as attractive and welcoming as possible.

Keep It Clean

Cleaning off the layers of dirt that can build up over time is easy to do with a simple garden hose. A couple of times per year, give your house a light rinse to wash away the grime. You may be tempted to use your power washer, but you should resist, especially if the exterior of your home is wood or stucco, as these surfaces can become damaged by the high pressure of the water. Typically, power washing is only recommended for manufactured siding or when you are preparing to apply a new coat of paint.


Your irrigation system does wonders to keep your lawn looking lush and green, but it can wreak havoc on the exterior of your home. Over time, water that continually sprays your house can cause damage to the paint and wear away the surfaces. Be mindful of the direction of your irrigation and check for corrosion, which may cause an errant spray to hit your home.


Trees, leaves, bushes, and other foliage that brushes up against your home can damage its surface, especially during storms or high winds. Pruning and removing dead and dying branches can not only safeguard your home but protect your landscaping as well.

Climbing Plants

The appearance of ivy, vines, and other climbing plants can give your home a distinguished look. But you may want to think twice before encouraging these plants to creep up your siding. If you ever wish to remove them, expect to have damage to your paint as well as your siding.

Eye It Up

Prevention is key to protecting the surface of your home. Performing regular inspections to look for damage or hidden dangers that may cause problems, later on, can go a long way toward keeping the exterior of your home looking good for a long time.

7 Common Exterior Paint Problems

Unfortunately, there are many common problems that can age the look of your exterior paint. It is important to be aware of these issues and what causes them, so you can take proactive measures to avoid them.


When bubbles are created underneath the surface of the paint, it can result in a blistered effect. This is typically created when moisture from inside works its way out or if the surface has been wet for a long period of time.


Fine, dust-like particles can emerge on your exterior painted surface if it was covered with interior paint or if it was painted with an alkyd-based coating and exposed to full sun.


If your home was painted without using a primer or if the paint was applied over mildew, your paint may peel off.


A low-quality paint application, using thin paint, or applying too many layers of paint without a primer can result in cracking, which can cause pieces of paint to fall off.


When the color of your paint diminishes or changes in any way, it is usually caused by paint that is not UV resistant or by overexposure to direct sunlight.


This phenomenon occurs primarily with oil-based paints when temperatures change drastically. It results in a cracked texture that resembles rough reptile hide.

Tannin Staining

When good paint is applied to high-quality wood, over time streaks of color caused by tannins from the wood may show through the paint. When this occurs, all that can be done is to repaint.

An attractive exterior provides a welcoming presence and protects the value of your home. Prevention is key to keeping the exterior of your home looking as good as the day it was painted. By performing easy do-it-yourself home maintenance practices, selecting the highest quality paint that is appropriate for the job, and relying on an expert to properly apply the paint, you can prolong the exterior paint of your home.

If you would like to boost your curb appeal and are thinking of painting your home, consult the experts at Arizona Painting Company. Our team is ready to assist you every step of the way, including determining your paint needs, color consultation, painting your home, and final inspection to guarantee your satisfaction.

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