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Color Considerations for Commercial Buildings

That means choosing colors for commercial businesses should mean more than simply going with your personal taste. If you opt for the wrong color scheme, it could send out the entirely wrong message to your customers, clients or visitors.

Building Architecture

The architecture and style of a commercial building can impact the most suitable color schemes. That includes considering the types of material used in the construction of the building. The next thing you need to consider is where the building sits relative to its surroundings. For instance, a large commercial building on a small lot may look imposing if painted in overly bright colors. Painting the building darker will make is sit better in its environment.

Other considerations may include the appearance of year-round landscaping, potential for snow in the winter, the colors used in parking lots and walkways and the color schemes used in nearby buildings. In many cases, buildings set within a historic district pose significant challenges when it comes to painting, due to painting restrictions.

Brand Guide

Whether you own your business or the commercial building is intended for use as part of a larger brand name, adhering to a brand guide is important. Creating a brand guide that includes a color swatch or palette is a great way to communicate a consistent message. This brand color guide will dictate marketing materials. This should be reflected in logos and, where possible, the colors you use to paint your commercial buildings.

Attract With Color

What you put out is typically what you get back when it comes to commercial building colors. Choosing exciting, bright colors suggests fun or excitement. However, developers may wish to attract a mixture of clients and businesses, so using neutral colors is a better way to go. Symmetry is also an important factor if you wish to attract the same types of customers to a set of commercial buildings.

Trends in painting are forever changing, so think about what public perception is at the time you choose paint for your commercial building. You can always repaint to better reflect the mood of the residents, as long as you don’t try to change it up with every new trend. Constantly repainting will confuse your customers and doesn’t promote consistency as a business.

Color Psychology

Psychology plays a major role in determining which prominent colors are received most favorably by a society. Many experts in the field of color psychology are of the belief that this effect is generationally-driven. For example, millennials are focused on ideals such as serenity and mindfulness. If your commercial building caters towards the millennial generation, painting with warm colors including soft green or tranquil blue will attract more customers.

Wanderlust, or the desire to travel, is another driver that attracts people to color. Colors that evoke feelings of being close to the ocean, or rich earthy colors are ideal for businesses that wish to attract tourists or travelers. Soft greens and ocean blues with hues of brown are ideal for commercial buildings, where the primary focus of the business is associated with travel.

The last group of colors deals with those who are interested in technology. Generationally speaking, technology is most closely linked to generation Z. Businesses that may benefit include those that cater to convenience- and technology-loving customers or clients. Vibrant hues of green, orange, violet or watery blues are especially successful at communicating the right message for this generation.

Hiring a Commercial Painting Company

Not all companies are equipped to paint commercial buildings effectively. If you own or are starting a business in Phoenix or surrounding areas, choosing the right painting company will make all the difference. The Arizona Painting Company has the experience, tools and techniques you need to ensure your commercial building stands out in the right way.

We can provide expert advice on which colors are best suited to make a success of your commercial building venture. Whether you are a business owner or a developer, hitting the right note with customers or clients is an essential first step. Color schemes are a significant influencing factor in how your commercial building will look and feel to visitors. Get it wrong, and it could impact the sustainability of your business.

We work closely with commercial building owners and developers to make sure every project is completed on time and to perfection. If you need a paint company you can rely on to get it right the first time and every time, the Arizona Painting Company won’t let you down.

Call the Arizona Painting Company today if you would like a quote for commercial building painting in or around Phoenix, Arizona.

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