3 Tips for Redecorating Children’s Bedrooms

Even with much of the country beginning to open up slowly, redecorating projects remain popular with homeowners

Some opt for repainting the living room. Others choose to remodel the bathroom or give the kitchen a new look. As for us, we decided to gather some of the best tips and ideas for redecorating children’s bedrooms.

These popular tips and schemes for 2021 will help involve your child in an important home decision. It will allow you to agree on an idea you love and make the child feel a little more responsible about the space they inhabit.

Strike Up a Sensible Agreement

While it’s a good idea to give your child more responsibility as they grow up, they don’t always get everything right. As for the project at hand, you will still need to be a guiding light for how to redecorate their room. You will need to find a color they like that combines well with the flooring and furniture and lasts into their early preteen years.

A color that can transition easily between a child’s room and a preteen’s room will save you from having to repaint rooms frequently as they age into teens. Striking this agreement with your child early on will help keep you both on the same page throughout the entire remodel process.It will also help them feel far more invested in their room and project than if you had just come in and upended everything by yourself.

Choose a Theme

Children are forever curious and have many interests growing up. However, some of these interests are much stronger than others. Some interests come and go within the same day. Others are deep interests and may even give them some inspiration for future goals they have.

When deciding what color to paint the room, try asking them what some of their long-term interests are. This will help you get an idea of what the space could look like. It also serves as a haven and inspiration for them.

Adults have vision boards for what their goals are. Can you imagine what a child will feel like if their room design reflects their interests and future dreams? Redesigning their room doesn’t just make your home look better; it can have positive psychological effects on your child too! The theme of a child’s room is a bigger deal for them than you might think!

Be a little Unorthodox

Did you know there was such a thing as chalkboard paint? This paint functions exactly as it sounds. It goes on the wall of your choice and takes on the look of a black chalkboard. When it dries (allow three days for drying), you can then draw on it with chalk.

This chalkboard paint is not something everyone knows about, so you can see why it would be considered unorthodox for parents to set up a wall that their child can scribble on.

Another unorthodox idea is to paint their wooden window shutters inside a child’s room the same color as the theme colors. When is the last time you saw blue shutters inside a child’s room?

Straying away from the traditional child room setup might seem wild initially, but remember, they are children. They love creativity, and not everything abstract has to look bad or wild. You just have to strike the right balance with the other colors you use in the room.

Redecorating children’s bedrooms can do a lot for your home, family, and the parent-child relationship in your life. In addition to getting a remodel project done, you also get to spend more time planning and conversing with your child. You can even ask them to help, which might make them try a little harder.

After all, they are probably more interested in painting well in their bedroom than that dining room no one spends time in. If you need help choosing the right colors for your space, contact us! We have color consultants with years of experience helping clients find the perfect color balance for their homes.

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