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DIY: Painting With Kids

Do-it-yourself projects are some of the most entertaining to do in a home. They might be work, but it’s usually work that people want to do and feel proud of once they finish. Usually, these projects revolve around kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and children’s rooms. The best part about it is that if you have kids, they can get involved too! However, as many parents might know already, giving a child a wet paintbrush without instruction might not be the best idea. Here are our best tips for painting with kids and how to help them feel included. These tips will help you get the job done correctly when tackling DIY projects.

Prepare the Materials

Once the idea of what the room will look like is finalized, prepare everything that will be necessary for the adults, teens, and children. We’re not talking just about paintbrushes or scrap paper here, but toys and entertainment items as well. The odds are that even the most hardworking people don’t stay 100% focused when conducting a project.

This rings even more true with children. While their intentions may be sincere in wanting to help, their attention will inevitably wander. Having a designated distraction corner and some toys readily at hand will save you unwanted work. This includes the time of washing the brush, walking carefully around the house to avoid the wet walls, and looking for ways to entertain the kids or teens. While they are on the job, it also helps to have items specifically tailored to them. Things such as mini brushes or mini rollers will allow them to hold their tools better. It can also make them feel as if they were truly considered when planning for the project.

Prepare the Assignments

More often than not, meticulous planning goes into conducting DIY projects. However, in that same planning, many forget children will also have to deal with the inconveniences that come with DIY projects. As a result, children often wander the home awkwardly, avoiding the wet walls around them. When they are finally asked for help, or they offer it up, they are given a random wall to “paint” until the adult comes and paints right over it. Including children in the planning process and assigning them a wall or part of the project before the materials are even bought makes a huge difference. This allows the children to focus on their assigned area and feel a sense of responsibility toward the home they live in. This is a feeling that can build up weeks before the project even starts!

Allow Creativity to Flow

Children will be children, and they don’t often see the world in the same way adults do. As a result, their painting techniques and ideas of beauty will be different from yours. This is a good thing, and it doesn’t have to come at the expense of your project. Involving them in the design process or asking their opinions on colors or textures will help them feel involved and let them know that they have a voice in their own home. Giving them a section in their room to paint will also let them go wild with the brush without running the risk of ruining the living room.


Children anywhere can get involved in home painting projects, have an input, and do a good job! We suggest following these tips if you have several children at home. This makes the family painting DIY experience far more entertaining for everyone involved. DIY projects can be fun, but the responsibility list can sure pile up. If you need a hand in moving your painting projects forward, give us a call! We love to take on challenges of all kinds and have thousands of satisfied customers.

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