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What Goes into the Cost of a Paint job?

A paint job is an important and often-needed investment in many homes. An exterior paint job can be a daunting and nerve-racking process. The cost of paint jobs can increase based on the dimensions of your home, its condition, and the types of packages offered.

Dimensions of Your Home

The dimension of your home is the first aspect that may affect the price of your exterior paint job. A single-story home with less surface area will cost less than a house that stands larger than a 12-15 ft one story. Also, the dimensions of your home affect the amount the paint job may cost. Certain homes have dimensions that make it difficult to reach certain areas with a ladder. If the home needs scaffolding to ensure the safest job possible, it will take more time and thus will increase the price of the job.

Condition of the Home

The condition of the home is also vital to how much your paint job may cost. Part of the Arizona Painting Company’s extensive and detail-oriented process is the prepping phase. This includes having to scrape, caulk, and fix any damage to your home so that we can create a sleek and clean paint job. Bubbling and peeling paint can occur from causes like painting on a dirty surface, excessive moisture, or painting on a hot surface. Peeling paint is also caused by not cleaning the surface properly and prepping it. External factors can also affect your paint job in the long term. For example, sunlight can create a dull and faded look on your paint job after long term exposure. These are all reasons that your paint job should be properly prepped.

Quality of Materials

The quality of materials will also impact the cost of a paint job. High-quality paint with better ingredients will be more expensive. Also, if the job requires scaffolding the rate may increase for additional prep time and use of materials.

Pricing Estimates

At Arizona painting company we break down pricing based on all the mentioned factors as well as square footage.

Option one: a home that is 1,500 to 2,400 square feet can range from $2,200 to $4,000 dollars.

Option Two: a home that is 2,500-3,400 square feet can range from $3,300 to $6,000.

Option Three: a home that is 3,500-4,400 square feet would range from $4,200-$8,000.

Types of Warranty Packages at AZ Painting Company

Bronze Packages- This an affordable starting point for a three-year warranty on your investment. You choose two quality paints that are 100% Acrylic which typically have a 6-8 year lifetime. This is a choice for a homeowner planning to move within five years or less.


Silver Package- The silver package is a five-year warranty and will upgrade your paint to a higher quality acrylic paint which will have a life of about 8-10 years. If you are not planning on moving anytime soon, this could be the perfect package for you.


Gold Package- This is our best warranty that lasts for a full 10 years, upgrading your paint to the top-quality acrylics. These types of paints use a proprietary technology called Permalast which is a self-priming product thus saving you nearly $120 dollars a year.


Visit our specials page at Arizona Painting Company to request a quote and explore a variety of specials and a complete breakdown of our prices. As well as warranty packages based on the quality of materials and their longevity that are perfect for any homeowner.


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