Now is the perfect time to start the home improvement project you always wanted to complete. With social distancing measures in place and most of us working from home. It’s easy to notice those projects that seemed to fall off as we were busier. Whether it’s that unfinished deck or that half painted wall. Now that your home it’s time to give it the attention it deserves and create the dream space you want. A few ideas for social distancing home improvement projects could be the following.

Start with a House Tour

Start with a tour of your home. Try to pick out areas to fix and improve. Small fixes are always good to work on throughout the day. Move on to map out your larger projects. If you know you need more supplies, make a list for each project so you can gather what you need. Start a timeline for each project of when you will work on it and for how long. This helps you stay organized and keeps your mind on the task at hand. Before you know it, you will have a full plan to fix up your home.

Start Small

There some daily easy improvement projects that don’t take you a week or more to complete. These can be fun and easy fixes, one of which could include investing in new windows. A window can improve energy efficiency to ensure that your home stays cool, as well as improving the look and curb appeal of your home. Installation is quick and simple when you hire a professional; all you have to do is wait.

Inexpensive Projects

Home improvement projects can be small and inexpensive. Depending upon what you are interested in improving there are numerous ways to give you home, and the things in it, a facelift without breaking the bank. There are numerous ways like


  • Bringing in new light fixtures – Bringing in some light can make your home feel refreshed and lively again. You can boost a room with lighting, creating a space that is architecturally interesting by using the curves and corners of the room to highlight. Even a chandelier or interesting center light fixture can increase the sophistication and dimension of a room.
  • Bring in some green – Plants are a great, and somewhat inexpensive, ways to increase interest as well as improve air quality in your home. Plants are shown to increase happiness and help air quality. While also adding some color to any space, especially on your front entrance.
  • Adding some color – Painting the window seals, door frames, and other places that could use touch-ups, this takes a little time and can make your home look sleek and clean again. Another way to add a pop of color to your home is by painting your front door. This can add some interest and dimension to your home, increasing curb appeal.
  • Remodel furniture– This is a great way to spend time with the family and have a wonderful reward. Take that dingy broken-down chair and add upholstery and new fabric to make your home feel cozy again. Check out other fun and interesting ways to redo furniture.

Tackle the Larger Projects

Tackling larger home improvement projects can be fairly daunting. Whether it is creating a new deck, a new patio space, repainting the garage, or even redoing an entire room. There are times when it may seem overwhelming, but with the right preparation and mentality, any project can be enjoyable.


  • Create a patio space – An outdoor patio space can be a great way to create a space of escape and relaxation. Focus on incorporating greenery, lighting, and furniture that is comfortable and cozy. A small rug is a great way to feel at home. Creating a paved walkway can also add interest and encourage spending time on the patio.
  • Redo your garage – Your garage is one for the first focal points a buyer sees. It is important that it looks presentable. One way is to buy and replace your garage, however, another is to repaint. Considering it is a larger job hiring professionals is best to ensure a clean and lasting paint job.
  • Redoing an entire room – here one of the biggest jobs. Tired of that dreary living room you have always wanted to redo? It’s time for a makeover. the first step is to start with a wonderful base. At Arizona Painting Company we provide you with a clean and professional job while also keeping masks on and keeping your family safe and healthy. Once you have a clean paint job. Now it’s time to introduce furniture and basics into the space, followed by accessories and smaller items.