Should You Paint Before Or After You Move In

There is something exciting about moving into a new place. You‘ve designed your furniture and hosted potential parties in your head hundreds of times. There’s a lot of work to be done before you can rest, but it’s worth it for the promise of a fresh start and new opportunities.

Amongst your new opportunities are freshly painted walls, welcoming you in the colors of your choosing.

You’ve already got so much going on, and adding a move to your already busy life isn’t helping. Do you have the time to pencil a paint job? When is the best time to get it done, before or after you move in?


While it might seem like a burden now with change-of-address papers and packing supplies flying around, painting BEFORE you move in is actually the most beneficial. There aren’t too many opportunities like this one, so take a little bit of time to add it to your “to-do” list.


They’re usually pretty big, too, and get in the way. Take advantage now while you have so much room to move around freely. Painting before you move in eliminates having to play Twister with your furniture. Pushing and pulling furniture around while trying to not let the paint dry before your next brush stroke isn’t ideal.


So, it’s technically not turning back time, but it is saving you time. Covering and uncovering items, moving them back and forth, taking down pictures and artwork, re-hanging pictures and artwork – you don’t have to do everything twice, and you won’t have to if you paint before you move in.


If you’re paying someone to do it, they are going to spend a lot less time getting it done. Work gets done faster when the room is empty. No furniture, no tip-toeing around anything or having to secure something beforehand. Quick and easy ends up being quite easy on your pocketbook, too.


Everyone loves a couple of fresh coats of paint, but nobody likes the “new paint” smell. Having it painted before you move in gives it time to dissipate, and that’s a good thing. Paint can carry harmful pollutants that can make you sick, so allowing some time for the space to vent is a better choice for your health.


Inevitably, something is bound to happen – a splatter of paint, a can gets tipped over, a drop cloth rips. If you paint before you move in, there’s no need to take extra precautions to protect your belongings. Accidents happen, but if they happen while the place is empty, it’s a lot easier to deal with.


Having the walls freshly painted before you move in creates a sense of belonging early on. The house seems more welcoming. You’ve chosen the colors custom to your taste, so the home feels like home from the very beginning. With everything starting to come together, it will take you less time to acclimate.


Whether you have a definite style that you’re sticking to, or open to changing things up a little, having the walls painted before you move in help you decorate in subtle ways. Since you already have the color up on the walls, you can now find those hues and tones in accent pillows, rugs or fabric, pulling the entire house together. Keeping the colors flowing is easier when they’ve been chosen to compliment the color on the wall.


Once you start to unpack and get organized, a new level of busy begins. You have to get rid of a few items that don’t fit in the new space and there are a few things you need to pick up to make the space more functional in general.

Just because you’ve moved in doesn’t mean the pace has slowed down, yet…and with everything that needs to be done, getting the walls painted sits on the back burner. Now that everything is already in the house, and almost all unpacked, the prospect of having to do that all again tends to make getting the walls painted less and less of a priority every day.

Getting the walls painted before you move in is the only answer because the likelihood of them getting done after you move in diminishes every day. That means they will most likely not get done at all.


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