What to Expect When Asking for an Exterior Painting Quote

Once paint fades or begins to chip, no amount of landscaping or other outdoor improvements can hide the fact your home needs new paint. However, painting the exterior of your home is much different than changing the color of paint in your bathroom. This is not a job you want to do yourself – you will want to get a quote from painting professionals to ensure it is done safely and effectively to last. Here is what to expect when asking for an exterior painting quote and what questions to ask.


On-Site Evaluation and Quote

Most quality painting companies will insist on coming to your home to give you a quote for an exterior paint job. Many people want a quick answer on how much it will cost to have their home painted, but it is not that simple. Many variances need to be considered. What is the square footage? How much of the existing paint will need to be removed? How many stories is the home? Are there features like shutters that will need to be removed?


An on-site evaluation and quote ensures the company can send a project manager or estimator that can complete an accurate price quote. You should plan to be home for your appointment so that you can get a written estimate for your quote – if they will not provide you with a printed quote, this can be a red flag. You want the quote in writing for your protection.


Beware of over-the-phone quotes. While a company can give you an estimate over the phone, it is not the same as a quote. They may give you a low estimate to get your attention, then start adding on extra charges later once you feel committed to using them for your painting project.


Questions to Ask Your Exterior Painting Company

Unfortunately, not all painting companies have the same level of professionalism or transparency when giving quotes or performing their services. You may think a quote includes all the services needed to paint the exterior of your home start to finish, then get a surprise when extra charges are added as the project gets started. Here are some questions to ask about your quote before you hire a painter to complete your exterior painting project.


Does the quote include prep work and clean up?

Before painting the exterior of a house, prep work is needed. This can include removing loose paint, dirt, and debris, plus masking the windows and other features. You also want to make sure they will clean up the mess after the job is complete. You may assume this is part of the quote but never assume. Ask if it is included in the price and make sure that this is stipulated on your written quote.


Are there any upcharges for multiple stories?

Some painting companies charge a flat rate per square foot, regardless of how many stories the house is, while others upcharge for multiple stories. Two more stories can take longer to paint and involve more risk, even if the house is the same square footage as a single-story home. If you have a two or three-story house, ask if the additional stories will result in any extra charges.


What type of warranty comes with the paint job?

Every exterior paint job should come with some type of warranty and it should be included in your initial quote. Most quality painting companies will offer a basic warranty, with options for longer warranties with higher levels of paint. Warranties can run from three years up to ten or more, depending on the service and company. These typically cover premature wear, fading or peeling, but not accidental damage to the paint.


Beyond ensuring a warranty is included, make sure you know what is covered in the warranty. Some companies may only cover the paint, but not the labor. Make sure the warranty covers both.


What type of payment process is expected?

If you are happy with the quote and are considering hiring the painting company, make sure you know what to expect going forward. Do you need to pay a deposit before the project begins, and if so, how much? You also want to do a little research on the company before signing on the dotted line. Some basic information to check includes:



At Arizona Painting Company, we provide our potential clients with a printed quote for all exterior painting evaluations. We do on-site quotes with no sales pressure; we offer competitive prices and unsurpassed quality, with warranties that come with all painting projects completed by our team. Check out our online reviews and BBB rating, then give us a call to schedule your exterior painting quote.

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