Painted Accents Add Character to Home Exteriors

Not only is a house an investment, but it’s also a home. Your design could be as simple as sprucing up the front steps a little or giving the whole property a new look and feel. Both are possible with some skill and a paintbrush.

Before adding your pop of flare, be aware of colors that won’t be changing in the near future, such as stonework, landscaping or neighborhood scheme. Incorporate those into your new accents to not only compliment the setting but also still make your home stand out.

Also, be aware of any Home Owner Association regulations or codes that you must honor.

While adding some painted accents to the exterior can enhance your home’s natural beauty, placing odd colored accents in strange places can make some of the features you may not want to be noticed more prominent, like the gutters.

Speaking of Gutters

Put the accents on them anyway! Choosing the right materials and colors can even enhance your gutters. Go for something metallic. Some techniques can make them look like they have a patina, as seen in copper. Pair that with the same accenting on the patio roof, and you’ve got something unique!

Even the Garage

If your garage faces the front of your house, it’s one of the first things people see when they pull into your driveway. Jazz it up by having it match your roof, shutters or trim, or let it be the centerpiece with its color within the palette of your home scheme. This simple step could make your home welcoming and give it a unique curb appeal.

Doors & Windows

Painting a front door is an excellent way to add pop. Deep red, sage green, or eggplant colors are great, unique choices. If coordinated correctly, it could give your home a whole new look. Perking up your window trim with the same color, or a color from that family is bound to give a good impression.

Decks & Patios

A quick and easy way to freshen up the deck or patio is to add a little paint to it. Instead of painting them a solid color, use more than one, or choose a design for the steps.  You can have a beautifully painted accent right in the middle of a functional, everyday-use item so you can admire it every day.


Shutters are a classic exterior accent that can be spiced up with color. There are fiberglass shutters now made of vinyl, or composite wood material that looks like wood but are easier to maintain and won’t crack, split or rot. Not only can they be painted in any shade, but they are easy to repaint for a new look.

Reverse Ombre

Having a light and dark scheme helps the exterior of your home give off a very good first impression. Darker colors at the lower portion of the house gives it a look of stability, while a lighter color closer to the top gives the appearance of being larger. Accent architectural features and trim with a shade of cream, or white, and the look that’s pulled together gives an impression of strength and hospitality.


In times past, the siding was very neutral and would not be classified as an “accent”. With nearly every color available now, it’s risen among the ranks and can provide some extra flash to the exterior of your home. It also protects your home from the weather, so you get double points!

Pattern Up Your Concrete

If the front of your home has some plain concrete, consider sprucing it up with a pattern that compliments your décor. If you’re having a hard time imagining it, then you can turn to tile patterns for some inspiration. Loops, swirls, and circles are popular choices. Larger patterns are usually recommended for front entryways, but it’s really about whatever suits your style.

Wrought Iron Works

Over time, the wrought iron that stood so strong just a few years ago has started to look a little rusty and outdated. Give it a new breath of life with a new coat of paint. Whether you want it to match some other accents of your exterior or if you’re sticking with a metal look, giving your old wrought iron a boost will compliment your home.

Leave It to the Pros

Exterior painting is a serious job. Surfaces need to be power-washed, non-painted areas need to be masked off, loose paint needs to be scraped away, and drywall or stucco repairs all need to be completed before the painting begins. That’s a lot of work, so leave it to the pros.

In addition to our other services, we at Arizona Painting Company pride ourselves on our exterior services. Our professionals have the experience to make sure our work matches your vision. Give us a call at 602-648-3071 or visit us online to review our work or request a quote.

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