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Repainting Your Home with Family In Mind

It’s a reasonable inquiry, especially when it comes to new parents who now need to rethink any potential dangers in their home.

There was a time when lead-based paint was a popular choice for homeowners. It was durable, dry faster, and lead added color to paint. That was before it was confirmed that lead paint is a potential hazard to human and pet health. In 1978, lead paint was banned worldwide due to an unacceptable risk of toxicity.

Some older homes may still have lead paint which, if left undamaged, may not pose a risk. However, if you live in an older home and are considering repainting, it helps to have any paint you plan to remove tested for lead content. You can purchase DIY testing kits or contact the Arizona Painting Company for a professional assessment.

Back to the present day, and parents are still concerned about the paint products that they purchase. While most people know that lead paint is no longer available for sale, there are other issues that parents worry about, such as fumes in a freshly repainted home. The great news is, the standards in the production of paint in the modern age have vastly improved over the last 40 years.

If you have small children, it is much easier to check the quality of assorted brands and types of paint. The Arizona Painting Company can also provide further clarification on safety standards and the best paint for your home.

Paint Types

Paint is one of those products where making the right choice can be daunting. There are so many types to choose from, which often leaves homeowners locked in indecision. If it were simply a case of picking the colors that you want, shopping for paint would be easy. However, you also have to consider shades, tones, and sheens. It doesn’t take long before wary parents start thinking about what makes these types of paint different from one another.

As it happens, safety does factor into the type of paint that you buy; although not in the way that you may think. Certain products, including paint, contain what are known as “volatile organic compounds” (VOC). These compounds, in large amounts, can negatively affect air quality in your home.  Products that have safety labels that state “low VOC,” “no VOC,” “eco-friendly” etc., are generally better for your family and the environment.

The safety of products is not necessarily dictated by cost, so always ensure that you check the manufacturing label before making a purchase. If you still aren’t sure if a particular product is safe for use around your children, reach out to the experts at the Arizona Painting Company. We are more than happy to offer our expert advice and guidance.

Safety While Painting

You should also think about keeping your children safe while painting is taking place at your home. There are a number of areas to consider. As you paint each room, you may need to move furniture and other household items around to protect them from dripping or spraying paint. Make sure that small children are supervised while furniture is being moved and try to avoid stacking heavy objects on top of one another.

Unless you have prior experience in painting, it may take you more than a day to do a single room. Avoid the temptation to leave tools such as paint trays, cans, rollers, and chemicals lying around. Kids are curious little creatures and may get into all manner of mischief. There is still a safety risk if a child ingests large amounts of even the safest paint, let alone chemicals such as paint thinner. These tools and materials are a tripping hazard making it important to store everything away in a safe place out of reach of small children.

Seek Professional Advice

When you are making choices in décor, it helps to speak to a professional. Painting safety is one of many areas where it pays to consult with a professional from the Arizona Painting Company. The claims made by paint manufacturers are typically trustworthy. The problem is that they are not always easy to understand for the average consumer.

Hiring a professional painting company will allow you to concentrate on what matters – spending quality time with your kids. The job will be completed in a fraction of the time using only the safest products on the market when you trust the Arizona Painting Company to get the job done.

Our team of industry specialists can help you cut through all the confusion and find the right paint products for your needs. Call the Arizona Painting Company today for guidance or a quote on completing your paint project today.


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