The Impact Paint Colors Can Have on Your Mood

Although not an exact science, research on color and how it affects the human psyche has revealed some interesting and nearly universal results. Color consultant Leslie Harrington says, “Color is a universal nonverbal language.” She maintains that everyone knows this language and that it can be used to influence emotions and behaviors.

Paint the Room Red for Stimulation

Housepainters aren’t the only ones creating spaces with intention. Restaurants have known for years about the influence colors have on people. Perhaps you’ve noticed how many eateries seem to have red as the dominant color. That’s because red is known to stimulate appetite. Red in a dining room is not just conducive to eating, it’s also a color that stimulates conversation. Research has shown that red has a tendency to increase heart rate and blood pressure. Maybe that’s why so much love gets poured out on Valentine’s Day with all those hearts beating faster than usual!

Choose Blue for Blissful Peace

However, red is not the color you want in the bedroom. Even though it’s the color of passion, blues and greens are more suitable for resting. Blue in particular has been associated with calm and serenity. As a sky color it speaks of wisdom, loyalty and dependability. But don’t go too dark with blue. It can also lead to sadness and depression.

Brighter blues like cerulean or turquoise are good colors for the bedroom. Be aware that, as a cool color, blue can make a room feel chilly. If you are considering blue for your bedroom, you can warm it up with a color like periwinkle. Just a tinge of red takes the chill off.

Paint for Productivity

When blue is the predominant color of your office, you may be more likely to feel wiser and be more productive. One study conducted on the effects of color found that people in an office that had been painted blue made fewer errors on a data entry test than those in white surroundings. However blue is not the only color suitable for office work.

Green has its merits also. Green is associated with money, of course, and in addition it also has a calming effect. People seem to experience less stress when they are in a green environment. Studies on color and working have proven that the eyes get less fatigued when the computer desktop is green.

If you want to make the most of your time in the office, then a combination of blue and green is the way to go. People in such an environment work without feeling stressed and they seem to be more productive.

Energize with Orange

Exercising can be a chore. However, if you want to make sure you actually get moving on your exercise routine, paint the room orange. This color stimulates people into action. It’s the color of success and high energy. With red’s passion and yellow’s joy, orange produces enthusiasm and actually stimulates brain activity.

The Duality of Yellow

Yellow is an interesting color because it seems to have a dual effect on people depending on how much is used. It’s great for kitchens and bathrooms. It’s a happy color and evokes joy, yet as an overarching color it brings out the worst in people. More arguments take place in rooms painted yellow. This is definitely not the color for the nursery either. It appears that babies cry longer and more often in yellow rooms.

Make a Statement with Purple

Purple is a favorite color for many people. It’s the color for creativity and luxury. This color is not prolific in nature. Purple dyes were hard to come by so the color was reserved for royalty. In smaller doses it evokes feelings of luxury and opulence. Wrapping a present in purple will make the gift seem more expensive to the receiver. However, as any good house painter will tell you, using purple as the main color is not advisable. Too much of it will give off a feeling of artificiality. On the other hand, a home painted grey trimmed with purple house paint can look stunning.

The neutral colors – black, gray, white and brown – are bland when they stand alone. They make one feel passive and dampen the energy. Paint a room gray and there will probably not be much going on there. The energy will be at an all-time low. Add some colorful accents though and the mood changes.

Behavioral investigator Vanessa Van Edwards says that color can change a person’s mood and productivity. Though scientific studies on the subject are not easy, research does seem to indicate that certain colors do affect us in different ways. Create a healthy happy home with a few cans of house paint. You may be surprised with the results.

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