Painting your Stairs

Whether you want to make it a vibrant solid color or paint on an intricate pattern, here are the steps you will take and the tools you will need.

The tools you will absolutely need are:

Decide on a pattern

Traditionally, the middle half of a staircase is one color and the outsides quarters are another. Phoenix painting contractors typically have a stripe dividing these quarters to add personality and draw the eye towards the middle of the staircase. Decide which colors you want on what parts of your staircase. Then, using your tape measure and ruler, mentally outline the segments you will later paint.

Mark up your staircase

Regardless of whether you are painting an intricate pattern or not, it is imperative that you use painter’s tape to line either side of your staircase to prevent paint from seeping onto the walls. Use your carpenter’s square to mark where you want the divisions to fall and line them with painters tape. Be very careful to get exact measurements. Then, place painter’s tape along the inner half of the staircase and along where you will place your stripe.

Paint your solid colors

Paint the parts of staircase that you want to be solid colors with a paint roller. Use even strokes, painting in one direction. It is best to do multiple coats, but the number of coats you do may change depending on the color you want.

Paint the stripe

Using your square paint brush, evenly paint on the stripes on either side of the center half. Again, use even brush strokes to get and even color. You may need to do multiple coats.

Stamp the risers (optional)

If you really want to go the distance, you can use stamps to make patterns on the risers of your staircase. Simply roll paint evenly onto the stamps you want and stamp each riser. Again, make sure to measure evenly so as not to have your pattern looking uneven.

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