Use Paint to Create an Open Kitchen

It is also where you will spend an estimated three years of your life. You and your kitchen are in it for the long haul, so you had better show your cooking space some love by painting it an appropriate color. The AZ painters at the Arizona Painting Company know just how to use color psychology to make your kitchen a space that matches the attitude you want in your home. Here are their tips:


Pick a bright shade of this sunny hue to inspire optimism in your kitchen. Yellow represents happiness and has been clinically proven to speed up and enhance metabolism. It also has been known to help decision making and improve thought clarity. With all these positive traits, it’s no wonder that yellow is such a popular color for kitchens.


A mix of red and yellow, orange is the perfect balance between noise and happiness. Orange is often associated with adventure and risk, so it is the perfect shade to inspire a bold demeanor in your home. Orange is also inspiring, which means it can be a motivation for you as you sip your morning coffee and read the paper.


Red is the most carnal of the colors. It is often associated with survival and impulse. Red inspires passion and a deficiency of red can cause laziness and boredom. If you want red paint to make an appearance in your kitchen, make sure it is balanced well with the rest of your set-up, so as not to upset the harmony in your cooking space.


Green is the color of youth and growth, the epitome of renewal. Green is often associated with spring as it is the color of rejuvenation. Using green paint in your kitchen will create an atmosphere that encourages original thought and innovation. Lighter and brighter shades of green are preferable over army green or garbage green as they are reassuring.

Still not sure what color to paint your kitchen? Contact the Phoenix and Mesa painters at the Arizona Painting Company for a color consultation today!

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