Expenses don’t just have to be monetary, and the Phoenix and Glendale AZ painters at the Arizona Painting Company know that your time is valuable. All-in-one paint and primer can be a great time saver when you’re completing a big DIY project, but it is not always the best option. Here is a quick guide to help you decide when you should and  should not use combination products.

USE combination products when:

You are painting over a surface that is already painted

  • If a surface has already been painted, it may be in your best interest to use a combination product to save time and money. Surfaces that have already been painted absorb less paint; therefore, less of the product is required to paint them.
  • You are painting over a similar shade
  • You are painting over light surfaces

If you are painting over an already painted surface, use a two-in-one product. Changing from eggshell white to beige, for example, requires less paint than from changing from emerald to baby pink. While darker surfaces tend to require more coats, light surfaces may only require one or two coats. Stick with a combination product if this is the case for you.

DON’T USE two-in-one products when:

You are painting over a surface that has never been painted before

  • New surfaces tend to absorb more paint than areas that are already painted. Usually, using a high quality primer and two or three coats of paint is more effective than using a combination product.

You are painting a surface an entirely different color

  • If you are giving an area a makeover, invest your time and money on a high-quality primer and a separate paint. You may actually end up saving money because you will need fewer coats of paint than you would if you used an all-in-one.

You are changing paint types (i.e. acrylic to latex)

  • When changing paint types, it is a good idea to create a barrier of sorts between the coats by using a separate coat of primer. This will give you the seamless finish you want and keep the paint from bleeding.

If you still have questions about combination paint and primer products, contact the Phoenix and Glendale AZ painters at the Arizona Painting Company. For more painting information visit www.tpcaz.com and take a peek at our blog!