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Why You Should Paint Your Home In Winter

But with these cold winter days presents a perfect opportunity to tackle interior house painting projects. Here are our top reasons why you should consider hiring a professional painting company to paint your home this winter.

Greater availability and flexibility

Winter is the slow season for painters and contractors, so you’ll have less competition and rush for a paint job. The majority of homeowners elect to take on home improvement projects during the spring or summer seasons, so painting your home in the winter means you’ll have much greater availability and flexibility from your professional painters. They will be able to work around your schedule and complete the project a lot quicker and potentially with more people than normal since they don’t have a bunch of other projects.

Better pricing

Because it’s the slow season, painting quotes will be lower. Since painting companies have less business during the winter months, you’ll often be able to get a lower price than during the warmer months when painting quotes are competitive in response to the demand. This means you’ll be able to get a lot more bang for your buck and you can stretch your budget towards getting new furniture or another room painted! Check out our current painting specials to ensure you’re getting the best deal.


Cooler temperatures and shorter days can often lead to the “winter blues” and make you feel more tired and dreary. Color has been proven to improve your mood, so adding vibrant color to your walls can make you feel happier and kick those winter blues to the curb. If your friends are battling with their own moodiness, try inviting them over for a winter cocktail party to celebrate your new paint colors and transition of your home’s interior. New interior paint is an instant mood-booster for all!

Unique Holiday Gift

If you’re looking to surprise your loved one with a grand gesture during the holidays, hiring interior painters can be a unique and thoughtful gift. Revamping one of the rooms in your home will provide happiness year-round, making this the gift that keeps on giving! Some ideas on how to go about gifting this to a loved one:

Optimal environment for painting

Summer days may be perfect for soaking up the sun by the pool, but the 100+ temperatures are not ideal for interior painting projects. The hot and humid summer weather makes paint take a lot longer to dry. And in Arizona, the harsh heat can even mess up the curing process with paint, creating bubbles and uneven colors. The dry and crisp winter air will make paint cure noticeable faster, meaning your interior paint job will be completed quicker, allowing you to enjoy your newly painted room sooner!

Increase home value before the busy home-selling season

Spring and summer are the busy seasons for buying and selling homes. If you’re planning on putting your house on the market and want to beat the other sellers and sell your home for more money, paint your home during the winter before the big rush. A fresh coat of paint on your bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom walls can help lure buyers in. A lack of internal color is one of the biggest financial mistakes a home seller can make, so make sure your home is ready to go before the busy season begins.

Painting your home during the winter can be a wonderful option for many homeowners. With a solid plan, the right paint colors, and the Arizona Painting Company in your corner, painting the interior of your home during colder months can be a breeze.

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