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5 Color Ideas for Painting an Exposed Ceiling

The walls, window frames, and even the floors get more attention. You can transform an exposed ceiling from an eyesore into a seamless integration of the space or even a statement piece with a little painting job.

Before getting into the different color trends you can go with for your exposed ceiling, here’s why it’s important to paint your exposed ceiling at all. Painting does several things for your space, including curbing dust and dirt, stopping fallout or debris and sealing the ceiling material (this is especially important in older or historic buildings). Even an exposed metal ceiling can use a coat of paint to help prevent rust. Arizona Painting Company uses a special technique called electrostatic painting to paint metal to prevent rust. The bottom line is that whatever color you decide to paint your ceiling, the important thing is that you paint it.

Match Your Walls

The easiest and most common choice for painting your exposed ceiling is to paint it the same colors as your walls. This can help make that ceiling disappear altogether and blend in with the coloring of the entire space. This is especially helpful in unfinished basements and larger commercial spaces to help the room look more organized and put together. Matching the color of your ceiling to your walls can also help a small space look bigger and elongated because the color seems never-ending.

Go Black

If you have unsightly pipes and vents interwoven on your ceiling, the best option may be to just paint it all black. A black-painted exposed ceiling can make imperfections and ugliness disappear. This technique is popular in industrial-style church buildings, bars, and restaurants with HVAC tubes exposed or gyms that have large and expansive ceilings.

Black is also a transformative color for newly renovated spaces such as an old shop turned into an escape room. It’s a quick and easy way to modernize an otherwise dated space and retain the vintage feel of the space while keeping it as a “blank canvas” to use in many different settings. Just make sure that the space has a lot of natural or overhead lighting as black ceilings can darken a space and make it feel cramped.

Add A Pop of Color

Ceilings are a perfect place to experiment with a fun statement color! Painting an exposed ceiling in a bright blue or yellow can bring a fun and colorful vibe to the space without overwhelming the eye. Consider adding a statement color to your ceiling that you wouldn’t ordinarily put on your walls, perhaps in your brand’s color.

Bright White

You can’t go wrong with a crisp and bright white. If you’re dealing with a dark basement or commercial space with little to no natural lighting, a bright white ceiling can help to bring light into the room. White keeps things simple and brings the focus to your space and products, rather than an unsightly ceiling.

Complementary Neutrals

A neutral color on your ceiling that complements the colors in your space can help to make the room feel more put-together and seamless. A warm brown can help extend dark wood furniture into the rest of the room to create a cozy feel. An olive-green coloring can bring a more earthy vibe to the space, perfect for a calm and natural office.

Painting an exposed ceiling requires professional painting help, no matter which color you choose. For very high ceilings, you may need a high set up and painting exposed ceilings will require extensive prep work to ensure that everything underneath is either cleared from the room or covered appropriately to protect from the fallout. Arizona Painting Company works quickly and cleanly so you can get back to business as soon as possible. Contact Arizona Painting Company for a free quote today.

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