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How Long Will Your New Paint Job Last?

The easy answer is around 10 years for interior paint and 5-7 years for exterior paint. But the more accurate answer is that the longevity of your new paint job depends on a variety of factors such as paint quality, the environment the paint is in and the preparation and professionalism during the painting project.

Quality of Paint

Different types of paint are recommended for different projects based on durability and longevity. Water-based paint is the most popular paint type because it’s durable, safe and more environmentally friendly than oil-based paint. Additionally, you get what you pay for with paint. Quality paints will be more expensive, but you can be assured that they will be durable and long-lasting. Budget paints will be lacking in some of the elements that cause the paint to bind solidly and hold color, so they will fade and chip faster.

Another factor to consider with your paint type is the color. For interior paint, light colors will show blemishes and scuffs more prominently than dark colors. However, dark colors may fade quicker. This is especially true for dark colors on exterior paint jobs as the darker the color, the more sun and heat it will absorb, causing fading and forcing you to repaint sooner. A professional from Arizona Painting Company can act as your color consultant to help you choose the best paint color and type to ensure its longevity.


Your paint job’s lifetime will largely depend on the environment that the paint will be present in. For interior paint jobs, high-traffic areas such as stairs or a child’s playroom will wear down a lot faster than a guest bedroom. Areas that get a lot of water and moisture like bathrooms and kitchens will also fade quicker and potentially have issues such as peeling and chipping paint.

Exterior paint is formulated to last, but it can’t survive every weather condition. Places that get a lot of harsh sunlight will cause exterior paint to fade quicker and if there’s excessive heat, the paint is more likely to peel and crack sooner than anticipated. Paint longevity also depends on the surface it’s painted on. On a stucco surface, homeowners can expect a good coat of exterior paint to last 10 years, but wood surfaces deteriorate more quickly, shortening the expected lifespan to 5-7 years.


The biggest reason that paint will chip, peel or fail is that quality paint is applied over an existing painted surface. Sometimes the old paint will delaminate under the new paint in some places and start to peel. To prevent this from happening and to help extend the life of your paint job, you should make sure your painting surface is properly prepared.

If a painting contractor takes adequate time and care to scrape, sand, fill, repair, and prime where necessary, the exterior paint job will last much longer. Always scrape off the loose paint or strip the entire surface. The key is using a quality primer and then using multiple coats of the correct premium paint to provide the longest-lasting results. Arizona Painting Company has a complete process that we follow for each paint job that includes a thorough preparation of the surface.

Overall, your paint job should be lasting you many years for the amount of time and money you invest in it. Make sure you hire a professional painter with your best interests in mind with Arizona Painting Company. We have the best paint warranty in Arizona, so you can be assured that you’ll get a paint job that you love.

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