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Meet the Team: Victor Velazquez

Meet Victor! As a foreman for the Arizona Painting Company, he says he has found his dream job at Arizona Painting Company. Read on to learn more about Victor and the work he does for Arizona Paint.


What is your professional background?

“I am a foreman for the company – a professional painter- and I help with the warranty team which is based on touch ups and fix ups for the company.”


How did you start at Arizona Painting Company?

“One of my friends started at the company and he was a subcontractor and I used to work with him. They [Arizona Painting Company] saw the way I worked, and they offered me a position hourly. I said yes.”


“Before the Arizona Painting Company, I was a shipping and receiving manager, and I had no background in painting. Arizona Painting taught me everything I know. I know how to do drywall, stucco, cabinets, interior, exterior, all thanks to the Arizona Painting Company giving me a chance to try it out. I really think that painting is what I like to do.”


What do you like about painting?

“It’s therapeutic and relaxing, I’ve enjoyed painting ever since I was little. I liked to color. I’ve never been a good drawer or anything, but when it comes to colors and putting colors together that’s something I’ve always loved.”


What is your painting process?

“I always like to start my projects from the beginning, but obviously since we are quality painters here with the company, we are used as fixer uppers, and it involves a lot of patience. By the time I get to the homes with customers, they are already a little but unhappy since they need some touchups here and there – which is normal with any painting job! We take any extra time to make a customer happy at Arizona Painting Company, and that’s where I come in.”


What is the best part of your job?

“I get to teach other people the way I learned how to paint and actually give them a chance and an opportunity to start a profession. Painting isn’t just a job, it’s a profession. I respect any other job, but I think you could make a lot more painting because it’s something that will always be needed. I just look forward to the future – if painting is going to keep giving me business and making me happy then that’s what I want to keep doing.”



What is the most challenging part of your job?

“The tough customers. Doing the warranty and touch up work, customers can be a little bit upset and take it out on us. The most challenging part can be understanding the customer.”


What is a typical day like for you?

“We work from 6am to 4pm and I usually help train the new hires, which involves a lot of talking to the new employees and teaching them that we have to pay attention to the detail from the beginning so at the end of the experience we have less touch ups. Just passing on that level of professionalism. It’s the legacy we want to grow in the company.”


How is AZPT different than other painting companies in the valley?

“Even though I have never worked for any other painting company besides Arizona Painting Company, I have a lot of friends who work other places. Arizona Painting Company treats their employees so great; I don’t think I’m going to get that treatment anywhere else. Respect is the most important thing for me.”


“I would like to say that Arizona Painting Company truly is the number one painting company just like the advertisement says, it is the best company to work for. They treat their employees the way they’re supposed to, and it’s why I stand behind their name and I’m proud to work for the company.”


“I take pride in what I do and I just hope that every single of our employees does the same thing so we can keep growing and being the number one painting company. I found my dream job at Arizona Painting Company, I never plan on changing careers. I am happy with the company, they treat me awesome, they pay me well.”


If you want to learn more about Victor or the Arizona Painting Team, contact us today!


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