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For all house sizes, the top 4 variables that can affect pricing are:

Option #1

1,500-2,400 Sq. Ft

Price would range from $2,200-$4,000

Option #2

2,500-3,400 Sq. Ft

Price would range from $3,300-$4,900

Option #3

3,500-4,400 Sq. Ft

Price would range from $4,200-$7,000

The height of your home may impact the pricing of your paint job. If your home stands larger than a 12-15 ft single story, the rate for the paint job may increase. Homes that have landscaping difficult to access without ladders can impact the pricing rate. For certain homes, we may have to create scaffolding to ensure a safe job for our workers and that you get the best possible paint job covering all areas of your home.

The pricing of your paint job is heavily affected by the condition of your home. Homes that have chalky surfaces require a full coat of primer. If your home has peeling or cracked stucco, hollow areas, or dried out or cracking wood, our rates increase due to the additional prep your home needs to make it paint ready. The foundation of your home may also affect pricing. Bubbling or peeling paint or cracks in the foundation will need additional work to prepare the home for painting. The time we take to prep, prime, and prepare your home will ensure that our paint job lasts for years to come.

We offer our bronze, silver and gold paint packages for our exterior painting projects. Each package varies in price, materials used, and process. Our bronze package is a great and affordable starting point ensuring a professional and clean job. Rates increase if you choose the silver or gold packages as they ensure that your paint job lasts even longer.

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