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Meet The Team: Nick Ballejos

Nick Ballejos started working with the Arizona Painting Company in 2013 after he saw an ad on Craigslist. At the time, the economy wasn’t the best, but Nick didn’t feel like he had endured the effects of the recession because he stayed consistently busy. He had previous experience painting, and yet it wasn’t until working at the Arizona Painting Company that he learned from the best of the best, on what it meant to be a painter.


With an emphasis on a very professional and intensely rigorous process, Nick said that working with the leaders – Joe M., Joe C., and Doug – taught him how to be a master painter and a good leader himself. To be a good painter, Nick suggests you must have a perfectionist mindset to get your job done right.


The Arizona Painting Company service is unmatched, as are the resulting paint jobs, and customers always seem to be happy with their final product. Something Nick takes pride in is that there are hardly ever calls for touch ups or complaints, and 5-star reviews are common.


Something else Nick likes about Arizona Painting Company is how honorable the company is, and no matter what happens with a sale or if there is a mistake made, customers can always count on it being resolved and made right.


In fact, compromising a quality paint job is something the employees of the Arizona Painting Company would never do.


Nick has even said that he wouldn’t work for any painting company if he didn’t work for the Arizona Painting Company, and would actually go into a completely different career! When he isn’t painting, Nick can be found watching Arizona sports, throwing a backyard barbecue, or traveling.


If you are considering a career in painting, look no further. The perfect candidate for the Arizona Painting Company is someone hungry to learn, because there are plenty of great mentors like Nick and the team who are ready to teach and invest time in you. Submit an application to be a part of the team today.

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