Surprise Painting Services

Arizona Painting Company has been working in Surprise for the last 12 years, since it was only a distant suburb of Phoenix. Throughout that time Surprise has grown tenfold and we’ve been there the whole time serving our customers. From the northern neighborhoods of Sun City Grand and Greenway Parc to the Southern neighborhoods of Veramonte or Cimmarron, we’ve been there.

A large majority of homes in this area were built between 2003 and 2006 and those homes are just now getting to the point of needing to be repainted for the first time. Make sure to get it done right the first time, and schedule an estimate with us today. Arizona Painting Company specializes in both residential painting and commercial painting but we only do repaints so you’ll know it will be done right by painters who do this every day.

Where have you seen our work?

Are you curious if we’ve done work in your neighborhood? Here is a map of the house painting jobs in Surprise that we’ve completed over the past year. We’ve done a wide range of work from exterior painting to interior painting to commercial painting jobs. You can view the details and address of each location on the map by clicking on the pin.

Arizona Painting Company cares about your needs and we care about giving you the best possible painting job. We’re licensed by the City of Surprise, bonded and insured. Click here to receive a free price quote or to speak with someone from Arizona Painting Company, your Surprise AZ painting company. Or, call us directly at 480-926-7700.

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