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Home Painting with Color Psychology in Mind

But what about mood?

It’s true that colors evoke certain emotions, so when you are making your interior paint selections, you may want to consider the vibe you are going after. Whether you want to ramp up the energy in certain rooms and calm it down in others, you can set the tone with the colors you choose.

Follow our guide below to take a spin around the color wheel and explore the feelings behind some of the most popular colors.

Red is a passionate hue, no doubt about it. It can raise the energy in a room, giving it excitement and liveliness. Which is great in a dining room to inspire animated conversation around the dinner table. But don’t count it out for rooms where you want to keep the mood low, like a bedroom. Under low light, reds are luxurious, stylish, and very romantic.

Orange, when it is on the brighter end of the spectrum, can be exciting and boost enthusiasm in any room. But when it is muted down into terra cotta tones, it can also be warm and cozy. So, depending on the mood you are after, bright orange can infuse energy and creativity in your home gym or office, while a warmer tone can be a calming influence in your lounging spaces.

Reminiscent of the sun, yellow is a warm and happy color that can lift your spirits. But it can be tricky. It can be a bit brash if it is too bright. Creamy, buttery yellows, on the other hand, can be warm and inviting, yet still cheerful.
Yellow can add a fun splash of energy to your kitchens and bathrooms and even create a welcoming how-do-you-do in your entryway.

Green, the color of nature, tends to create a calming effect. In fact, it is considered one of the most restful of the colors, since it encourages us to relax. And since it is also a warm hue, it tends to create coziness, as well. So green can be used in any room in your home. You can use greens to promote relaxation in your living room, family room, and bedrooms.

Blues represent water and the sky and are known to bring calming effects. But careful which blue you choose. Cool blues can come across as cold and dark blues can be depressing. The “just right” blues are warm and soft.

Blue bedrooms and bathrooms can be very relaxing spaces, but living rooms family rooms and kitchens can also benefit from the relaxed vibe the blue can provide.

Purple is the color of creativity and royalty. Dark purples can be rich and luxurious and may work well in a dramatic dining room. Lighter shades, like lavender, can have similar calming effects of blue—just not as icy—and can create peaceful spaces in bedrooms and bathrooms. Brighter hues may be fun to incorporate into any space where you want to boost creativity—maybe an office or playroom.

Not many folks are daring enough to paint an entire room black, which could end up a little more dramatic than they had bargained for anyway. Not to mention depressing. But when used as an accent wall color or for pops of color on trim or doors, black is very sophisticated and not dreary at all. Since it is best used as an accent color, no room is off limits.

Gray, still a darling neutral wall color of choice for many, has broad appeal in that it lends an air of timeless sophistication to any space. It serves as a solid background color against which to pair vibrant accents to liven up any room in your house. Available in warm and cool shades with undertones of greens, blues, and violets, gray is a solid go-to that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

White represents cleanliness, simplicity, and purity. While some may fear that an all-white space is too stark, it really all depends on the shade of white. Cool whites can add contemporary or formal flair, while warm whites can be quite cozy.

Color Consultation Tools

When it comes time to choose the paint colors for your home, you may be overwhelmed with options and all the things you need to take into consideration. We know it can be a daunting task and we don’t want you to become frozen in indecision. Let us help you.

At Arizona Painting Company, we are here to help you make the best choice possible. Our helpful color consultation tools will help you narrow down your choices and our team of experts is happy to help you make your selections. If you’re ready to freshen up your home for spring, contact us for a free quote.

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