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Faux Finish 101

While there are several different types of faux finish out there, our painting professionals have selected just three of their very favorites to discuss today! Our hope is that you find a little inspiration to try out a brand new and totally different look in your home!


DIY and budget-friendly, woodgraining is the perfect technique to use when you’re looking to add a little oomph to an old or otherwise bland door!

Start by sanding the door for visible imperfections and apply a coat of high-quality primer. Next, apply a mixture of wood-toned color and glaze or finish. If you want a more organic look, do the same with a darker mahogany shade to mimic the look of natural wood. While you can use a regular paintbrush during the application, consider following up with a graining tool. Graining tools are easy to use and will give you instant texture. Complete the project with a coat or two of sealant to protect the effect from any weathering.


One of our favorite faux finishes has to be the print technique. The Print Technique is created by moving a patterned roller up and down every wall. Start by selecting an interesting print roller, whether floral, geometric or whimsical, and your favorite hue of paint. Begin using the roller from top to bottom, keeping as straight a line as possible. Typically a rubber print roller fastened above a regular roller is best to keep you from dipping every few minutes. The result will be a delicate and interesting one, combining the soft look of wallpaper with the creative feel of a freshly painted room.


Similar to color-washing, we love the effect of sponging because it lends instant warmth to any room. Combine the glaze of your choice with the color of your choice and invest in a high-quality (preferably large) sea sponge. Dip the sponge into your mixture, squeeze out any excess dampness, and begin to pattern your wall. Unlike the print technique, there’s no need to go in any sort of order with sponging; simply dip, dab, and go!

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Written by  Christina Arregoces

Arizona Painting Company