Going Dark to Light

Here is the TPCAZ easy-to-follow three-step guide on taking your rooms from dark to light:

Start with a Clean Slate:

Though this rule is a general one, when you’re going from darker shades to lighter tones, be sure you start with a clean wall. Use a soft fabric to eliminate any dust and then go back over the wall with warm water if needed. Make sure you don’t skip! This step is an important precursor to step number two.

Sand, Sand, Sand:

This step is especially important if you’re working to paint over a chalkboard-painted wall, a high-gloss wall, or one on which you painted darker colors through the use of stencils or texture-rolling. Use 220-grit sandpaper from top to bottom and be sure that before you even lift your brush, you’ve eliminated all texture.

Prime & Coat:

While there are times that you can get away with painting without primer (though our Phoenix house painters always recommend at least one protective coat!), this is certainly not one of them! Select a sturdy primer you’ve used before and layer it on over the dark tone already on the wall. It is possible to use an all-in-one paint and primer here, but if your wall is especially dark, you’ll get better coverage by applying primer first, then your new color. Depending on the tone of both colors, consider using one or two coats on top.

Written by  Christina Arregoces

Arizona Painting Company