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Fall Trending Colors

If you are looking for a color to brighten up your home, these colors will help you do just that. There are many other colors to choose from for fall including tones of blue, white and even purple. Each of these six colors pair well with antique and modern fixtures that can help your room feel warm and welcoming.


When choosing a more uncommon color for an entry way, living room, or bathroom, pink walls is a versatile color. A soft tone of pink can help bring out white and black color features in the room’s furniture and windows. The dark shades from black artwork or furniture will give the feeling of elegance. With an art-deco feel, you can also pair pink with white and gold lamps or picture frames. When pairing pink walls with the color green either in plants or furniture, choose a more blush or pale pink color. This allows the green to stand out for a contemporary look. Pink walls are a great idea when it comes to pairing bright colors in paintings, fixtures, furniture and pillows.


For a bright entryway, choosing the perfect yellow paired with white molding can help add depth and warmth while walking into your house. Matching yellow walls with geometric patterns in pillows or rugs will help bring together the natural vibe of the room. To add more drama to the room, pair the yellow walls with black and white furniture, perfect for any room. For a country inspired room, choose a softer yellow tone that will help the white and gray colors in furniture stand out. Choosing a lighter or softer yellow tone gives a more rustic feel while still allowing the sunlight to brighten up the room.


If you are wanting to pair neutral colors on tables, chairs, and furniture, but not the walls, paint your walls with the color green. Certain tones of green, including olive, can help promote relaxation. The best part about adding green to your walls is that it pairs nicely with tones of pink, blue, and orange patterns that can be incorporated into the bedding, pillows, chairs or sofas. With many different tones of green to choose from, you can choose tones that are French inspired, reminded of a rain forest, or have more of a traditional feel.

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