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5 Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen

Your kitchen does not have to match with the rest of your home. It is an opportunity to add a different color scheme from the rest of your home. Here are some examples of places in your kitchen where you can add a touch of color:

  1. Cabinetry.All cabinetry does not have to be the same color. A great place to add color to cabinetry is on an island. If you don’t have an island, paint the lower and upper cabinets different colors. For example, paint the upper cabinets white and the lowers a navy blue. If you are really brave, you can paint all the cabinets to have a historic feel by using a mint green color.
  2. Shelving. If you have opted in for shelving instead of cabinetry, this is also a perfect please to showcase your plates, cups and anything else you would like to show off. Gray walls pair nicely with yellow shelving. Another great option is to have an open shelving unit, but instead of painting the shelving a bright color, paint the cabinet interior a bright tone for a dramatic look and feel.
  3. Accent Wall. To contrast a kitchen, choose a wall or the ceiling and create an accent wall from it. This is a unique way to bring out the color of the cabinets and add a little color to the kitchen. Light gray is a great color to choose if you do not want to have a bright color.
  4. Window Trim. Even the tiniest of areas with color will stand out in a kitchen. Painting the trim of the window can help make that the focal point of the room. For a white kitchen, add a color like green to the window trim.
  5. Doors. For a great statement feature, add color to a door in your kitchen. Whether that door leads to the pantry or outside it will give a custom look to your space. A lot of colors would make a statement on your doors, but when choosing a color make sure if you have any other color in the room that they both complement each other instead of clashing.

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