Residential exterior prepared for painting by Arizona Painting Company: A "before" image showcasing the home's surroundings covered with tarps, ladders, and supplies arranged, indicating the meticulous preparations for a transformative paint job.

Reasons Why Your Exterior Paint May Be Failing

If you are thinking about painting the interior or exterior of your home, make sure you take these precautions so you don’t waste hard earned money on a job you’ll have to re-do!


Paint that is peeling off from walls on the interior or exterior means that there is condensation building up. This is especially common in bathrooms that have a poorly working exhaust fan. Rain also causes moisture, which can crack or peel the paint on the exterior of your home. This problem occurs on the ends of wood boards as well as roof corners where water falls off.

Using Interior Paint On The Exterior

Unlike exterior paint, interior paint is not designed to protect from weather like rain, sunlight, or dust. Unfortunately, using interior paint on the exterior will cause the paint to peel and will have to be replaced. If you have applied interior paint on the exterior, do not try and add exterior paint over it. This will cause the paint to bubble and flake away because the interior paint is not mean to withstand weather.

Painting On Unclean Surface

When painting a wall or the exterior of your house, make sure to always clean the surface before painting. With the help of a power washer, it will remove any dirt or buildup that could cause the dirt to mix in with the paint. A wall may appear clean to your eye, but dirt and hair may be stuck to the wall. Make sure you remove these items from the wall before you paint or you will notice rippled areas that have buildup of all the dirt and hair left on the wall.


Because we live in Arizona, we witness hot temperatures during the summer months. Painting the exterior of a home during the highest temperature points of the day can cause the partially dried paint to blister. To prevent this, plan on painting in the early morning or later afternoon when the temperature is cooler and the sun is not directly hitting the area you are painting.

If you find any of these problems developing at your house, call the experts at Arizona Painting Company. You can also take our online paint evaluation to see how severe your issue may be and when it may be time to consider repainting!

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