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Can You Paint Over Mold?

Mold can be a dangerous and hidden threat to your home and your health. Mold is a type of fungus that can be found in various moist places. There are various ways mold can affect your health, which is why it is important to destroy the source, painting over mold will only allow it to keep growing and is only a temporary fix.

Threats to Your Health

Mold can be found in spaces that are high in moisture and warmth, creating the perfect mold growing environment. Like a bathroom or a basement or any other area that is a moist environment. Mold can pose challenges to those with allergies, making it harder to breathe. It can even cause the development of asthma and further agitate those who have asthma issues. Mold, in high amounts and breathed regularly, can cause the body to try and fight it off, producing an infection. Most commonly, an upper respiratory infection. Mold can also cause skin irritation and in some cases may cause organ damage.

How to Reduce Mold In The home

There are some tips to reduce the risk and growth of mold in your home. It’s important to reduce the use of humidifiers and make sure that the home does not have high levels of humidity. Keeping the house warm in cold weather reduces the production of moisture. Be sure to make sure that leaking areas and water damage are taken care of quickly. This means practicing regular inspection and maintenance around your home, especially in areas likely for mold growth. Another way to reduce mold is to ensure there is air circulation in the home, open windows and doors to get proper airflow and avoid stagnant air.

Signs of Mold Growth

Signs of mold growth may include the paint bubbling, cracked, or raised in certain areas. The paint could also have yellowish stains and show signs of water damage. They may bubble or bow out in certain areas. If you suspect there is mold you should be sure to put on a mask or respirator of some sort. Calling a professional is always important to completely eradicate your mold problem. You must determine the source of the mold growth and be sure to eradicate it.

Why You Shouldn’t Paint Over Mold

Painting over mold is a temporary solution to a serious problem. Mold can be a hidden enemy in any home, however at times mold can be seen from visual signs. Mold is a danger to your health and its important to remove it completely before even starting to paint. You need a clean fresh surface, not a bubbling damaged surface. When seeing signs of mold its important to follow certain steps before painting.

  1. Analyze the area of damage and try to pinpoint the source of the damage
  2. Be sure to stay away from the affected area
  3. Promptly call a professional for removal of the mold

Painting over mold will only allow it to grow more, affecting you and those in your home more and more. There are types of paint to buy that claim mold resistance but it is best to hire a professional service to remove the mold and make your home paint ready. By removing the mold and damage, you can now get to painting. Consider hiring a professional like Arizona Painting Company to ensure your house isn’t just mold-free but looking great too.

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