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Painting Stairwell Railings

Stairwells railing are often forgotten about when considering what to repaint in the home. Railings seem difficult and can pose challenges to painting cleanly and thoroughly. Painting stairwell railings doesn’t have to be a difficult and time-consuming task. With the right materials and mindset, the perfect stairwell railing is within reach!


Begin by gathering your materials. This is an important part of your process and requires attention. Picking a cloth that is soft and the right material. When choosing a brush consider using about a one-inch brush to get in all those nooks and crannies. Make sure to have painters’ tape to lay out what you’re painting and have clean lines. Your chosen Your paint color will decide will look and feel of your staircase. Go a little wild and add a design or go with a classic color. Consider a high gloss sheen or satin to ensure lasting results.

Drop cloth


Painters tape


Chosen paint


Next Step: Cleaning and Sanding

Cleaning your stairwell railing is important to remove the remnants that may prevent your painting job from lasting a long time. Cleaning your spindles all the small crevices is necessary a clean finish. A dirty base will result in an uneven job. For a wooden staircase lightly sanding the railing creates a clean and sleek surface to paint on, and slight grooves for the paint to bond too.

Painting Process

Begin by taping off your staircase. Utilizing tape ensures you have clean lines and void unwanted splatters. Begin by taping off the top of spindles of the stairs to begin that paint process. Cover the bannister with primer to and watch droplets. Let dry and begin to paint. You could use a small roller in this process and an angled brush for details along bottom of railing and top of spindles. Usually, two coats should over nicely.

Waiting for this to cure and dry as well is recommended before moving on to spindles. On the spindles, tape is needed. Tape down areas you want to protect and begin to cover with primer. Begin to paint them with your chosen color. You can use. Roller for this part here you can, but mostly an angled brush will do for the various grooves and edges. Make sure to use a drop cloth to ensure that there won’t be dripping on the carpet.

Benefits of Painting Stairwell Railing

A stairwell railing can be a wonderful time to play around with colors and add a bit of contrast. Often times, railings are the first thing to be touched or damaged in a home. It is important to keep them fresh and up to date. Using various types of colors can brighten and open up a space to making it cosy and warm. Overall it’s all about enjoying the process and loving the outcome.

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